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I Confronted My Husband About Cheating And I Think He’s Protesting Too Much

I find that very few wives ask their husband if he is cheating on the spur of the moment. Many wives give this very careful consideration. After all, no one wants to falsely accuse someone of something as serious as infidelity. Also, if you are wrong and accuse your husband of this and he is innocent, you could seriously damage your marriage.

So many wives will watch and wait. They will gather evidence. And they will mount suspicions that she will no longer be able to ignore. Sometimes they will work up the courage to face him, only to lose him again. Eventually, she’ll either get to the point where they can’t take it anymore or she’ll do something that makes confronting him unavoidable. Still, sometimes the wife is still not absolutely sure that she is right. And then she will try to gauge her reaction as further proof that he is cheating.

When she doesn’t like his reaction, she will confront him about that too, telling him that an innocent man wouldn’t act the way he is. After the dust settles, she may wonder how an innocent man could act.

She might say, “My husband started acting strange about six weeks ago, shortly after he got a promotion at work. He started staying late at work. He started dressing a lot better. I caught him in the middle of the night.” texting someone. He was going to the office on the weekends which has never happened before. He started working out. Then one day I was running errands and I saw him at a restaurant with another woman. They weren’t touching But there was something so hinted at in their conversation and body language that I knew they were having an affair. I got so upset I didn’t even go near them. But that night when we were having dinner, I told him what I had seen. He was furious because I left without saying anything. And he was very angry that I was accusing him of such a lack of integrity. He said he is trying to fit in in his new position, which means he has to work harder and dress better. He said the woman was a co-worker and that they have never touched more than shaking hands. He went on and on for half an hour almost threatening me that he had better not bring it up again. My husband is generally a laid back guy. He’s not one to get angry like that. His exaggerated response almost confirms to me that he is, in fact, cheating. But when I told him this, he says the opposite should be true. He says that he is the innocent man who is angry. But anger is not common for my husband. I think he protests too much. How do men usually act when they are accused of cheating and are, in fact, guilty? Does an innocent man act differently from an unfaithful man?”

reactions vary: Honestly, the reactions you get vary as do the personalities and the men themselves. Sometimes perfectly innocent men will tend to overreact, while guilty men will claim their innocence smoothly, calmly, and convincingly. A guilty man can go on endlessly on the subject, while an innocent man will immediately change the subject. You can’t always tell innocence or guilt based on these reactions.

Body language can be revealing: Now body language experts will tell you that there are usually always tell-tale signs that someone is lying. Someone who is lying will look away slightly. they will purse their lips. They will clasp their hands or tense their shoulders. they will clench their jaws. Some will even smile when your words sound anything but happy. However, often the confrontation happens so quickly that you cannot analyze the posture and facial expressions.

Watch their behavior in the future: One thing confrontation can do is shake the tree a bit. He knows what you suspect and now it will be interesting to see if he changes his routines. If everything is legitimately innocent, it cannot change. But if he’s cheating on you and doesn’t care if you know, you might see the same reaction.

make yourself visible: Here’s one thing I know for sure. An affair has a way out. People slide. Or they decide to confess. If he’s cheating on you, chances are you’ll eventually find out. But if he’s otherwise acting normal with you, being attentive, then it makes sense to try to make yourself visible by taking him out to lunch one day so maybe the other woman/coworker can see that your marriage is very current and ongoing. clue. If he is willing to let this scenario play out, then this would tend to indicate that he is not cheating on her and that she does not care if she sees him or knows that he is actively involved in her marriage.

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