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How can you use Facebook for marketing?

Honestly, using Facebook to market your business is a no-brainer. You can do so much on Facebook, mostly for free, that you can’t pass it up as a great marketing opportunity for your business.

Set up a business page

To set up a business page on Facebook, you first need a personal page. But once you have it, you can set up your business page. The business page allows you to actively promote your business, whereas a personal page is not supposed to be used for that.

Set up a community

A Facebook community is very useful in terms of being able to discuss things with your future clients or prospects. You can easily set up a community the same way you set up the business page – just choose “community”. A community has more communication capacity between your likes and followers than a business page.

Set up a private group

A private group is a great way to manage a small think tank without having to invest in the technology to have one of your own hosted on your website. You can make them private and even secret. If you have a secret group, you will have to actively recruit people to join and you can even charge them money to join.

Promote a post

On your company pages, you will have the ability to post things and you will get a button that offers you to “push” the post. You can bid a certain amount and choose your audience as well. The ability to narrow down who you want to see your promoted post is great and will allow you to truly target your audience with the posts you want them to see.

Run a PPC ad

Even without a business page, you can create ads through your personal Facebook page. You can narrow down your target audience in ways you may not have realized. You can target ads by age, gender, location, groups, and affiliations. There is nothing more reduced than that.

Join groups and communities

A great way to market your business on Facebook is to join other groups that consist of your target audience. Then just help others without an agenda. Don’t promote yourself or break the page owners’ rules. Instead, just be helpful and share when prompted. Let your reputation speak for you.

Comment on pages, groups and communities

When it comes to Facebook marketing, a good use of your time is to make smart, intelligent, and helpful comments on the posts that the page or group owner posts, as well as helping others who post.

Share and like

If you want people to share what you are doing, make sure you share and like what they are doing. When it comes to online marketing, people like to help others when they too are getting help.

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