Eli Manning – 2009 NFL MVP?

First of all, I don’t expect Eli Manning to slow down at all because of the plantar fascist injury he suffered Sunday against the Chiefs. I think worst case scenario, the Giants can rest him against the Raiders. Eli is a player and he will be ready for New Orleans in two weeks. The first quarter of the 2009 season for the New York Giants has been quite unexpected for most people. The first of the two biggest questions that came up this season was whether the Giants’ receivers could step up and replace Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer. The second was, can Eli Manning carry this offense on his shoulders? I think both questions have been answered by Eli and the Giants’ offense.

Eli so far is having another great season. I think he’s having the best of his career so far. There are still three quarters of the season left. But, if Eli keeps up the pace he’s at now, he’ll be in the NFL MVP contention at the end of the season. Let’s look at his stats compared to other MVP-worthy QBs.

Eli Manning – 63.2 Comp% 1039 Yards 8 TD 2 INT 104.1 Rating

Peyton Manning – 70.8 Comp% 1,336 Yards 9 TD 3 INT 114.5 Rating

Drew Brees – 67.4 Comp% 1,031 yards 9 TD 2 INT 108.4 Rating

Eli Manning NFL Ranking

* Passing Yards – 8th

* Touchdowns – 3rd tied

* % completion – 12

* Ranking QB – 4th

Eli Manning’s NFC Ranking

* Passing Yardage – 2nd

* Touchdowns – 2nd tied

* % completion – 9th

* QB Ranking – 3.

He has been the leader and the captain who has taken charge when necessary. He did it against the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys, who challenged Eli to beat them with the pass and that’s what he did. Eli has partnered with Steve Smith to help Smith lead the NFL in receiving yards (411), touchdowns (4) and receptions (34). All I can see is that the Giants will play tougher opponents again in Week 6 in New Orleans.

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