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Do men lose interest after making out with a girl? Knowing what mental process a man goes through

Men chase a girl with the idea of ​​making out with her, as they place a lot of importance on the physical side of any relationship or encounter. Here are some thoughts on whether guys lose interest after making out with a girl, which in turn could depend a lot on one-on-one make-out sessions.

Most men get turned on after making out with a girl.

Rather than lose interest, most men get turned on after making out with a girl, since they have tasted the blood visually and now want to go all the way. This is especially true if they end up making out with the girl of their dreams, as they may have fantasized about these acts for a long time.

Men lose interest if a girl gives in too easily.

Since guys are programmed to chase and fight for a girl, even if it means fighting her as they try to get to the next base, they may lose interest if the girl gives in too easily during initial dates and offers them access to all your contacts. Vital organs. Guys love to explore a woman’s body at her own time and if the woman offers instant access to her body, the interest might soon fade.

Men lose interest if there is no progress.

Some men also lose interest if the woman doesn’t allow them to move on to the next base with each subsequent make-out session. After all, there’s a limit to the number of ways a man can kiss a woman on the lips without going any further.

Men surely lose interest if the girl emits body odors

If the girl’s breath smells horrible during a make-out session or if the girl’s armpits or feet smell like hell, then the guy is obviously going to be disappointed. His fantasies would be crushed under the deadly smell and his interest not only in that girl but in other girls could be damaged for a long time.

Men lose interest if the girl compares their movements with other men

If the girl compares the man’s kissing technique or various other moves during the make-out session with previous lovers, that will surely extinguish any interest in the man, even if the girls say positive things about him. Men usually don’t want the girl to talk about past lovers and they certainly don’t want any comparison, even if they could do the same in their minds.

Men may lose interest if the girl starts to get clingy

If a girl starts getting too clingy after a passionate make-out session, then the guy might panic and run in the opposite direction. Men like to continue the game of the chase and don’t want to end up as a game in case the tables are turned after a good kissing encounter.

Men lose interest if there is no mystery.

In addition to physically chasing a girl, men also fall for the mystery surrounding the girl of their dreams. If the girl doesn’t hold onto that mystery for a long time, the man might still lose interest as his curiosity will no longer be satisfied. Therefore, a girl needs to surround herself with a mysterious aura even as she reveals more about herself physically and mentally to her man with each new kissing encounter. This will ensure the continued interest of the man.

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