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DIY Power Generator – Magnetic Electricity Can Power Your Entire Home!

Imagine how great it would be if you could power your entire home with a DIY power generator! Magnetic electric generators now make it possible. It is a fact that thousands upon thousands of people around the world have already said goodbye to expensive electricity bills and are now producing their own DIY power. All you need is the correct blueprints and you can easily build your magnetic electricity generator today!

I love all types of DIY and when my friend told me that it was now possible to build your own magnetically driven generator that could power your entire house, I couldn’t get my plans on fast enough!

Once I downloaded my blueprints, I went to my local DIY store and collected everything I needed. No special parts are required and even the magnets are standard and nothing special. As long as you have a good DIY store nearby, you can pick up everything you need.

This was the first DIY power generator, magnetic or otherwise, that I had ever built. I usually stick to carpentry and carpentry. However, within about three days of work and rest I was able to complete my first generator.

Because it was the first, I decided to build the smaller-scale version to see if it really worked before building the full-scale generator.

As soon as it was done, I plugged it into my existing power supply, which was surprisingly easy too.

It’s been about a week now and by checking the electricity meter I can tell that it is reducing my electricity bill by about 43%!

How cool is that!

I will sell this existing generator to my friend once I have built a larger scale version which will hopefully eradicate my electric bill entirely!

I really can’t recommend this project highly enough.

Just make sure you have the right plans. There are many free plans that clearly do not work and there are also some scams.

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