Best volatile life farming place


I bet you didn’t see it coming! In reality, believe it or not, herbalism is the ONLY way to gain volatile life in a cataclysm. There was a time when there were mobs that could die very quickly in Hyjal that removed volatile life, but Blizzard nerfed the grow site for XP reasons and removed any rewards for killing plants. What a shame actually!

Because only herbalists can cultivate volatile life in a cataclysm, you are probably wondering which class / race combination you should choose to grow herbs. Believe it or not, a tauren druid is by far the best due to its faster gathering speed by not having to dismount to collect herbs. It doesn’t take much to pay for the flight of Azeroth (“flight of the new old world”) simply by collecting storms and whips from uldum and the twilight highlands.

Having a plugin to help with gathering is definitely a bonus, as is having a miner and herbalist in the same character. This is because you can now see the mining and herb nodes at the same time on the minimap! The plugin that helps you gather faster is called Gatherer (surprise!). Its sister plug-in, Gatherer_mate, contains all nodes in the game, and by installing both and loading the Gatherer_mate data, you can see all nodes in any zone in any expansion. Pretty useful, huh?

A golden guide will allow you to quickly configure another plugin, Routes, which will show you the fastest routes to each node in the area you are currently visiting. Plus, it will show you the best way to sell the materials you collect and make even more gold (more importantly, keep you from losing it!).

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