Barbour jackets for the active lifestyle

Built for strength and comfort, the newest designs in our Barbour jacket collection are designed for your best outdoor lifestyle. In both classic and ultra-modern styles, our selections of lightweight dry fly, duralinen, and waxed cotton await your discerning eye. Barbour’s signature of durable, water-resistant and lightweight sports jackets for motorcycling, hunting, fishing and other active activities always reflects your impeccable taste.

Whether you’re looking for a classic vintage collection, a selection from the Heritage line or the newest on the market, our wide range of Barbour jackets, raincoats, men’s and women’s line, our page is your one-stop-shop. Take a look at our selections and discover the extra-large or small sizes available, ending your search for hard-to-find measurements.


At affordable prices, these popular collections are available at a great price: the comfortable padded jackets, the international slim-fit collection and the Chelsea line. If you are looking for a particular design or size dimension, feel free to contact us as we have a wide range of the Heritage Collection in stock.


Ideal for chilly outdoor pursuits of an energetic lifestyle with this comfort-driven line of jacket, the dependable modern diamond quilt set in soft polyester wadding never lets you down in cold, snowy weather all the time. . A drawstring-lined collar, adjustable waistbands, interior zippered pockets, tailored cuts, and roomy multipurpose exterior pockets are just a few of the features you keep coming back for, and are judiciously incorporated into this collection for maximum functionality. Find these jackets specially designed to combat water and frost:

* Barbour Quilted Fastback Jacket in navy blue or black

* Barbour Lakeside Padded Jacket in Red

* Barbour Quilted Finchley Matt Slimmer Cut Jacket in Olive

* Barbour Knightsbridge Padded Jacket in Dark Brown and Black

* Barbour Matt Barnes Quilted Tailor Fit Jacket in dark brown

* Barbour Chelsea Sports Padded Jacket

* And more


Without a doubt, the ultimate expression of style never sacrifices comfort and durability. Take a look at these priority picks for the jet set in you. These jackets come in lighter and thinner versions than our classics, but are still heavy on functionality. Waterproof with the same attention to quality that Barbour Heritage is known for, these foolproof jackets maintain their resistance against the onslaught of wear and tear in all types of weather. Lightweight and breathable for hot weather, yet provide unique protection in sudden cold bursts with its variety of warm Barbour tartan linings, Barbour Beacon linings, or Union Jack mesh linings.

* Barbour Memory Union Jack International Jacket

* Barbour Telemark Midweight Waxed Sage Jacket

* Barbour International Lightweight Short Waxed Jacket in Black

* Barbour International Slimmer Cut polymer fiber jacket in black

* Barbour Vintage Cotton International jacket in black and yellow


Our Bourbon Flyweight collection adapts to your busy lifestyle. These lightweight jackets protect you from the summer heat and remain functional until fall. Its two-sided unlined fabrics provide a closer hug and draped appearance for a slimmer look for the fair weather feats that mark your personal style. Waxed for Barbour’s signature waterproof, these are champions for sure wherever the action finds you.

* Barbour Waxed Flyweight Tourer jacket in black

* Barbour Chelsea Flyweight Jacket

* Barbour Duralinen Dry Fly jacket in sandstone

* Barbour Durham Kagoule Flyweight Waxed Jacket in Navy

* Barbour Dry Fly Vintage cotton jacket in olive and Atlantic blue


Closer to nature and unrestricted like wind, snow or good weather, that’s how our Barbour jackets serve you. With free shipping, we maintain the same meticulous initiative in making these jackets in the service we provide to our customers. Time to add to your Barbour jacket collection or get your first one if you haven’t already. Contact Us!

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