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A perfect SEO manager will need these definitive skills to perform better in the SEO market.

Well, at this point, I must mention that I put together this list by studying a series of SEO Manager jobs advertised on various search engines, while this list should give you a good idea of ​​what employers are looking for in general. industry, we do not claim that this list is exhaustive and that it is not important to have other skills listed here on your SEO CV.

1. Good working knowledge of the broader digital marketing mix:

Social networks, PPC, affiliates – they call it, having a good working knowledge of them and how they can collaborate with SEO has been mentioned in almost every commercial.

2. Strong communication skills / reporting skills:

All of the positions I was looking for required candidates with strong communication and writing skills for obvious reasons, but it was interesting to note that many are also good candidates in the areas of blogging and online content production. This is not surprising given Recent updates from Google to Google algorithms and a renewed focus on high-quality content, but I found it interesting that employers now want their SEO managers to be strong on content. Now they are looking for digital candidates who are “all rounder”. At this point it should be noted that some announcements also required a good understanding of CMS systems.

3. More than 3 years of practical experience in SEO:

Practical experience in a previous SEO position would always be on this list, but it is interesting that the amount of experience required varied from employer to employer. Some employers have applied for at least two years, but most appear to have candidates with at least three years of work experience, many of whom have more agency experience and no additional experience. Customer. This could be explained by the fact that it is a digital agency, or because SEO managers with agency experience have more experience and a broader experience. from many employers.

4. Good knowledge of SEO elements on the site:

Now I was quite surprised to see a good knowledge of the elements on the site like the H1s, the URL structures and the metadata mentioned in some of the commercials because it is a fact for me, but they were, and not just in a couple as well I thought of putting them on the list.

5. Advanced HTML capabilities:

Like many other digital roles, most of the job postings I have studied required advanced HTML skills, but it is interesting to note that even more complex knowledge of server-side scripts played a role in certain advertisements. Some employers want candidates who are technically and analytically qualified enough … which brings me to point eight …

6. Ability to perform site / competitor analysis:

Performing analysis and reporting on websites and competitors is a common task in most SEO roles. So it’s not surprising that employers are looking for candidates with proven experience and skills in site analytics and reporting.

7. Proven SEO success:

As in digital marketing, recruiting SEO Managers are all about statistics, and the job postings I’ve seen have drawn candidates with a proven track record of implementing on-site and off-site SEO strategies for various clients. In particular, employers seem to be looking for candidates who are particularly involved in link building strategies, suggesting that many employers continue to focus on building and completing their link profile.

8. Strong analytical experience:

This list would always include an analytical mindset and a good knowledge of the main analytics programs (mainly Google Analytics).

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