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The last ego trip

Let go of fear and feelings of inferiority and we will get somewhere, really. Sure, we read this opening sentence after I write it, but we’re not reading it. Most of us will sneak around and “tiptoe” among the tulips on that concept. That means that we will be afraid to practice that idea to […]


Why do people buy pet tents?

It is natural for pet lovers to treat their pets as part of their family. Sometimes these pet owners take their pet with them when they go camping or while traveling. Although pets are animals, they should also be treated well by letting them sleep comfortably while you are camping. You simply cannot leave your […]

Real Estate

Buy versus rent

Everyone has an opinion on whether it is better to rent or buy their own home. Too often opinions are based on personal circumstances and often what is best for one person may not be the best solution for another. This article gives you the advantages and disadvantages of both renting and buying. Since you […]

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Bird flu hype: it’s strictly for birds

If you listen to media reports, you will hear a lot about the upcoming “bird flu pandemic” that is supposed to bring havoc and possible deaths around the world. You heard that we must “protect ourselves” from this looming disaster with vaccines. Is all this bird flu hysteria a hoax or the “real deal”? It […]