Best Gaming CPUs: Intel Vs AMD

Games require more than ordinary hardware and software specifications. For people who only use the computer for light tasks like doing documents, playing flash games, or watching movies, the lightweight specs would suffice. However, for avid gamers and regular users, a regular CPU wouldn’t make the cut. Some regular users could be classified as graphics or video gamers or editors. These folks only need the best gaming CPUs to get the best experience using their computers. A large CPU can also prevent lags and hangs too much, as this can disrupt gameplay and running applications.

Now, what are the top things people should look for when buying the best CPU in the house? Here are some tips to remember.

First things first, users should choose a good performance processor. Right now, two major brands are fighting for the top spot for the best processor title: Intel and AMD. Intel has i3, i5, and i7, while AMD boasts of FX. These processors offer different kinds of functions, but one thing is for sure. These processors are currently among the best and fastest in terms of performance and computing speed.

After that, users need to find a suitable RAM and motherboard to suit their chosen processor. The best CPU for gaming also requires RAM modules that run at high frequencies and motherboards that allow for fast booting and multitasking, which is essential in gaming. Some cases include having to connect to the Internet while playing an online game. A low RAM and motherboard type would give gamers a lagging experience. Usually the standard capacity of RAM for games today is 4 x 4 GB DDR3. Some brands of RAM include Corsair, Kingston, and G. Skill. For motherboards, PCI 3.0 slots and SLI and CrossfireX support are a must these days. It should be able to accommodate the graphics card and more features. Notable brands include MSI, Asus, and Gigabyte.

Lastly, the best gaming CPU isn’t complete without an amazing graphics card. It would be responsible for displaying amazing graphics and videos of the games, so the card must be of the best quality. Some of the notable graphics card brands include NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon. Gamers who want the best should be able to shell out a bit more than usual, as graphics cards are expensive. However, this would not be a waste, as it will provide impressive screens to accompany the players during their playing time.

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