Do Yourself This Favor: Tech Cleanup

New disorders have been named to accommodate the growing number of people addicted to specific technologies; World of Warcraft and other video games, Facebook, Smartphones at dinner, Candy Crush and more. Does anyone remember the most addictive Facebook game craze of all, Farmville? Most Americans can say that they would like to be less glued […]

Digital Marketing

Learn about live streaming services for event producers

Stereotypes are the enemy of professionals in any field, as they often stifle creativity and provide more bidirectional subjective viewpoints. Enemies also “invade” the event planner profession because this profession is so dependent on human relations that it is particularly vulnerable to unwarranted assumptions. Some of today’s event planners are quite familiar with live streaming, […]


The most effective and inclusive educational leadership styles

While traditional school principals remain key coordinators and facilitators of school improvement work, they must also invite a new body of school and community leaders to the fore in building a collective vision for that work. Leadership is no longer about dragging people along—it’s about orchestrating ideas, people, visions, potential, and organizations into a cohesive […]