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Your wedding is not a disaster until it ends in jail

Many women start dreaming of the perfect wedding from the first time they hear Snow White (or Cinderella). It is the only day in a woman’s life when she becomes a beautiful princess and the man in her life becomes a handsome prince. But sometimes, despite months of planning and painstaking attention to detail, things just go wrong. It has been said that all weddings have at least three minor mishaps. The definition of minor is subjective, but the examples would likely include a large red pimple on the bride’s nose, the groom is late (but still arriving), and has the wrong flowers.

However, little hiccups aren’t enough for some people, who end up having exceptionally memorable wedding days for the wrong reasons.

Take, for example, the bride who was arrested on her wedding day. Adrienne Samen apparently likes to party. When other brides mingled with their guests, danced, and reveled in the limelight, Samen was getting drunk, and not silent. Shocked guests witnessed the increasingly intoxicated bride getting into a fight with her new husband, and when words weren’t enough, they watched him throw cakes and vases at the man. He returned to the bar to drown his now-evident sorrows and had a minor meltdown when the bar closed the shop for the night. The police had to be called, which was when things went from bad to worse. Samen tried to bite a police officer and managed to kick one of the windows of the police car. After all that, she was accused of breaking the peace and criminal shenanigans. She was fined $ 90.

MSNBC lists two more weddings that resulted in arrests.

The first is a case of lessons not learned. A couple who had been married before decided to give marital happiness one more chance. The problem is that the first time the boyfriend’s temper had led to a divorce. His temper was so unpleasant that the bride had a restraining order against him. That it had not been annulled when they stood before the altar the second time. Everything would have been fine, except the groom’s temper got the better of him and he got into a bit of a barney with one of the guests. The police were called and acknowledged the boyfriend’s previous arrests. They realized he was violating the restraining order and, possibly because they were tired of the same old pattern, they arrested him.

The second is a lesson to always give the bride what she wants. A couple who, presumably, had been happily married for quite some time decided to renew their wedding vows. It is a romantic gesture and it is not unreasonable to expect it to be accompanied by a suitably romantic event and gentle demeanor. This might have been the case here, if the band hadn’t unreasonably decided that their set was over and handed over the reins of the music to the DJ. The bride got a little angry and gave vent to her frustration by throwing some of the band’s gear. Once again the police were called and once again the bride did not leave quietly. This time, however, the entire family joined in the action with the bride, groom and their 21-year-old daughter having a dispute with the police. They were all arrested.

Finally, we have a case of a disaster near the wedding that was fixed.

Shortly before a Halloween-themed wedding, a groom got cold and pulled out of the wedding. The bride was unable to recover the deposit for the wedding hall, so she faced being abandoned and losing her hard-earned money. He saw a retirement community across the hall and decided to turn his bad luck. Instead of getting depressed, she threw a big Halloween party for the community’s seniors, donated her bouquet to the chapel, and went on a “honeymoon” to Hawaii alone.

All of which goes to show that some weddings are destined for disaster, but sometimes even greater disaster can be seen and gold can be made from straw.

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