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Yeast infections: yeast infections: dos and don’ts for yeast infection

When it comes to thrush, many women make the same old mistakes that can actually make their infections worse. While there are some old wives tales to be aware of, others should be avoided at all costs. Read on to learn more about the dos and don’ts for yeast infections and how you can successfully treat thrush forever …

Candidiasis … For many women, yeast infection can be very uncomfortable and painful. Women will often experience discomfort and most of the symptoms will manifest in and around the vaginal area. These common and embarrassing effects can leave many women in great pain and desperate for a cure.

For short-term relief, head over to your local store and buy some yogurt. When choosing, be sure to choose a brand that does not have artificial colors or sweaters, and does not contain fruit. Live plain yogurt is the best and organic is even better.

Eating lots of yogurt every day will do wonders for your infection, but applying it directly to your vagina can give you instant relief from symptoms. There are a few ways to do this, but one of the least complicated and most effective is to dip a tampon in yogurt, which is then inserted into the vagina. Make sure you change your tampon regularly and use it until your symptoms disappear.

Candidiasis does not … When women start to experience vaginal discomfort and yeast symptoms, they automatically head to the bathroom for a long, relaxing bath. But this is the last thing you should do. In fact, soaking in hot water for a long period of time will make your symptoms worse and may make your infection worse.

The hot water gives the yeast cells the perfect condition they need to grow and propagate. Most women only realize this when it is too late and their symptoms get worse within a few hours after bathing.

Candidiasis … In the modern world, we often put our health and well-being last. Work, social commitments, children, etc. they all eat up our time and often we have very little time left to take care of ourselves. Taking good care of yourself, rest, relaxation, and a good diet are essential and can help you stay healthier for longer. It is those who do not take good care of themselves who often suffer from candidiasis.

Candidiasis does not … You would think that your choice of underwear would have little to do with your canker sore, but it could very well be the cause of your infection. Choosing tight, synthetic underwear makes it much more difficult for air to circulate around the genitals, creating a hot and sweaty environment. Sometimes this is all it takes for yeast to grow, and you could end up with a nasty infection just because your underwear was too sexy!

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