Wowgreen detergent review

When I decided to check out Wowgreen’s new detergent, I was pretty skeptical. How different can soap be from other soap? I tend to be quite skeptical about anything someone is trying to give me (I’m a New Yorker), particularly when it comes to money. Caveat emptor is the rule here.

I called the dealer and asked him some questions. Apparently, ‘regular’ laundry detergents leave a slight soapy residue on clothes that does nothing to condition them and actually increases the rate at which fibers degrade, lose pigment, and wear away, and can also cause irritation to clothes. the skin and toxins build up in your system. I’ve never heard of this before, but now that I think about it, it makes sense that it happens on a molecular level.

The dealer was kind enough to send me, free of charge, a 64 oz. bottle of Wowgreen laundry detergent to test your product firsthand. This is my first review of this product. When she arrived, my roommate Suzie was absolutely thrilled (she likes holistic healing and yoga and will get us an air purifier and deionizer for the house). “For us?” he screeched. You may be reviewing the detergent in a separate article.


All Wowgreen packaging is 100% recyclable, made from recycled materials andveryminimalist design. The Wowgreen Detergent Pack is just a soft, opaque white plastic bottle with a simple 2-color printed design. The ingredient list has a “proprietary enzyme formula” as the first ingredient. It should be interesting.


I put a full load of mixed whites and colors of different textures into the coin machine in the basement of my building and, following the instructions, dropped 1/3 of a capful of Wowgreen into the detergent hopper. The first thing I noticed was the fact that it was not thick and syrupy like other detergents (particularly the ‘ultra’ concentrates). This detergent is fine, dark green in color, with foamy bubbles on top. It is the consistency of Guinness with a little soap. I leaned in to breathe and inhaled. Phew! A strong pungent smell, almost like sweet smoked vinegar, hit me hard. It must be those enzymes! I closed the bottle quickly and began to load. I am eager to see how it turns out.

When the load finished washing half an hour later, I took the clothes out of the washing machine and put them in the large industrial dryer. While I was picking up and loading, I smelled my washed clothes. They smelled … clean. Really clean. There was still the slightest scent of Wowgreen, but it was nice.

When the clothes finished drying, I carried them up. Everything is smooth and manageable, the dirt embedded in my work jeans was completely gone. The colors looked more or less the same: nothing washed out or noticeably washed out.

I have been informed that in order to have complete control of Wowgreen’s unique performance characteristics, I will need to run multiple loads. Apparently, the enzyme’s formula prevents things like sweat from contributing to a build-up of odor-causing bacteria; leaves its own light residue that prolongs the life of your clothing in terms of how stinky it becomes. As a boy who wears clothes, I support this. I like not being stinky.

I’ll send one more short follow-up review of this detergent after 2-3 more loads with the same clothes.

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