Will various computational Cyborg human body add-ons be considered body art?

Well it’s already starting to happen, humans are getting new non-organic parts for various reasons. Some people have had a serious injury and have lost limbs, sight, hearing, or something of this nature. These parts often come with electronic components to help control them. Something that we have already seen is that many of these people have tried to individualize their new parts, while becoming attached to them. It gives them a sense of themselves. Now, isn’t this the same reason people get body piercings, tattoos, and art accessories? Okay, let’s talk about this for a second, shall we?

Not long ago, he was reading in the mainstream media where someone who had cyborg glasses to help them see better had a group of people come up to him at McDonald’s and try to steal his classes. Unfortunately, they were attached to his skull and were connected to a subdermal computer component. When the thugs ripped the glasses off his head, they caused damage not only to the components, but also to his person. Okay, why did they do this?

Well, we know they were part of society’s dredges, and they probably liked the idea of ​​having these glasses for themselves, they thought they could pawn or sell them, that they could be worth something of value, and maybe they were. different and alien to them who, in essence, were afraid in some way, prompting the fighting responses in their brains, perhaps without their knowing it. You could call such an event a hate crime. When I saw that on the news, it made me stop to consider that in the future all these extra components that are added to people’s bodies will be customized.

Consider whether you want your additional memory right now to be on your iPhone or personal technology device. Anyone who buys an iPad buys a really nice case so they can customize it, and if you buy a new Dell laptop, you can get different types of covers or plastic to make it stylish and individualized. For me, in the future, all these cyborg human body parts will also become body art, which seems to be a human need, but it also maintains its sense of self even if it is no longer fully organically whole. In fact, I would like you to consider all of this on a philosophical and psychological level, and what it really means for the future. So think about it.

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