Will Using a Recharge Kit Fix a Damaged AC Pressure Regulator?

Recharge Kit Fix a Damaged AC Pressure Regulator

Your car’s air conditioning system will need to be recharged with refrigerant occasionally. If it does not cool your vehicle’s cabin as it should, the system has lost some of its refrigerant due to a leak or a problem with the pressure regulator. If you’re comfortable working on your own vehicle, a ac recharge kit and some refrigerant can be used to fix the issue. Before you use the ac car recharge kit, be sure to have some UV dye on hand to help locate any potential leaks in the system.

Most DIY recharging kits only come with one pressure gauge and are meant for use on vehicles that use R-134a refrigerant. Newer hybrid and electric cars utilize a different type of refrigerant called R-123yf, which requires specialized equipment to work with. Using the wrong type of refrigerant can damage your car’s AC components and lead to costly repairs.

Many recharge kits contain a sealer that is intended to plug small leaks in the air conditioning system as the refrigerant and compressor oil run through it. While this may provide a short-term solution, it will ultimately cause further problems with your car’s AC system. In addition to clogging the hoses, this type of product can also degrade compressor parts and lead to expensive repairs.

Will Using a Recharge Kit Fix a Damaged AC Pressure Regulator?

Another flaw with DIY recharging kits is that they are not calibrated to properly measure the amount of refrigerant added to the system. The air conditioner needs to be evacuated and pressure tested before the correct amount of refrigerant is added. The pressure gauges on both the low and high sides of the air conditioner need to be read to ensure that the correct amount of refrigerant is in the system.

Lastly, the pressure gauges on most recharge cans are not accurate enough to make recharging the air conditioner easy. Most of these gauges only measure the pressure on the low side and are not calibrated to a specific temperature. This leads to overcharging the system, which can blow the hoses and damage the compressor.

A professional ac repair shop will be able to diagnose the problem and provide you with a cost-effective quote. In most cases, a small leak will not be able to be fixed with a recharge kit, but a trained technician will know how to locate and repair the source of the problem quickly and affordably.

In the long run, a recharge kit is not worth the risk of damaging your car’s AC components. If you need to replace your refrigerant, a reputable auto repair shop will charge you less than the cost of a recharge kit and will use a refrigerant that is safe for your vehicle’s system. They will also have the proper tools and equipment to perform the job safely. If you do decide to attempt to perform a recharge on your own, we recommend purchasing a kit with a pressure gauge that is compatible with the type of refrigerant you’re using and that includes a UV dye for finding leaks in the system.

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