Why Business Owners Are Losing the Marketing Curve

Many business owners are losing the marketing curve associated with today’s mobile culture through push notifications. That’s right, too many business owners focus on social media marketing campaigns. While social media marketing is still a great resource, push notifications have better delivery and a claim to your customers’ mobile devices. This is one of the best marketing tools when you have your own mobile application.

An important component of mobile marketing that remains to be understood is push notification marketing. It is a proven fact that 99% of all push notifications open. And push notifications are sent to the smartphones of millions of people every day. People are constantly looking at their phones, not all business updates through a company’s social media account. Mobile marketing offers a personal sense of satisfying a customer’s wants and needs, where a social media update can appear as a blanket message that doesn’t really suit every recipient.

In the United States alone, that’s 9 out of 10 people who carry a mobile device according to research by MobiThinking. The scope of a push notification marketing campaign in relation to the ability to return on investment (ROI) is truly amazing. The comparison, in terms of investments, is outstanding. Most push notification marketing campaigns are free when you have your own mobile app. Think how much it costs to send an article by direct mail or place a print ad. And in addition to the cost, the reach is not immediate, it only has a response rate of around 30% and the print damages the environment.

Mobile marketing campaigns are easier to manage, more affordable to run, and they save the environment. While this effort continues to be a missed opportunity for several companies, more pro-tech startups are beginning to realize its value.

A big difference between using push notifications through your own app and text messaging is in the legal department as well. With much stricter laws by opting out of someone in your texting program and allowing you to opt out, where your app is simply downloaded or uninstalled. Your customers will also be asked to allow mobile messaging. This can allow for less legal liability when dealing with your customer base.

Don’t miss the marketing curve by relying solely on social media ads and updates to reach potential customers. Marketing through your application is a viable and free resource for any business owner who implements their own mobile application for iPhone and Android.

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