Who is ready for family movie night?

Family movie nights are great! Not loading everyone into the car and running through traffic, waiting in line for an overpriced ticket and questionable movie night snacks; although sometimes it’s a great idea at the right price and for the right film. No, the kind of movie night where you get together in that big meeting room you call a living room and jokingly joke about what kind of movie you decide and then snuggle up with your homemade popcorn, nachos, or whatever. ; when a child snuggles with you, perhaps using your lap as a pillow. That kind of family movie night.

Planning family activities that you can, in terms of budget, say yes is also hard to find. The average family is asked for funds just to get through the month; so spending extravagantly on a night out, whether it’s once a week or a month, can be too expensive for some. So what are the alternatives? A lots of! But family movie night is one of the most popular. If it weren’t, companies like Blockbuster and Netflix wouldn’t be making money. Yes, some lucky families won’t even have that much trouble choosing that movie if they are members of these movie streaming companies. You can tell the children this is what they have “A” or “B”, what will it be? They even have those Red Box machines now so that for a dollar and twenty-seven cents you can buy a movie on your way back from the grocery store. There is nothing cheaper than that, right?

Family movie nights are a great, affordable way to bond with your kids and learn a little about their likes and dislikes. Not only that, but anything can happen in a movie. It could end up being an opportunity for your children to ask questions about difficult issues that they have been struggling with. You will be amazed at the questions that may arise inspired by a movie.

In the same way, movies are good times for you to teach, suggest, guidelines, don’t say rules, no, no, no, about how to make decisions with your children. Such as: you know you really can’t do “that” in the real world, just because you hear someone talk like that doesn’t mean you can do it right, and well, that was silly, you would never do that, right? As a learning tool, movies are great for putting children in age-appropriate situations and teaching them tools to deal with those situations.

So don’t overlook the wonderful benefits that can be achieved by asking: who’s up for a family movie night? Not only will the cost be something that will surely suit all budgets; But they may learn and teach more than they could during the rest of their time together as a family. At least the cuddle time, even when they say they’re too old for that, is priceless.

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