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Where to find high-quality leads

Joint ventures are truly one of the best ways to expand your reach. You can find joint venture partners and ask if they will promote your lead magnet or allow you to present your signature talk / webinar to your audience.

Just make sure they have a list that includes your target market. Look for partners who have lists similar in size to yours.

When looking for joint venture partners, you need to decide what commission they will receive in exchange for this.

Of course, the higher the commission, the more attractive the opportunity will be for them. A 50% commission is pretty standard and some business owners won’t advertise for less than that. If you have a very small list, you may want to offer 75% or more for low-end products.

Request a phone conversation to further discuss the possibilities for win-win options. Make sure you contact them well before you need partners to promote a launch so they have plenty of time to plan ahead.

You will also want to know how you can help them. Ask them what of their own products they want partners to promote for them. Remember: you are building a relationship that could last the life of your business.


Many coaches ask me where they can find quality leads online. Here are some tips:

· You can find quality leads in online groups. Go to Facebook or LinkedIn and type your keyword in the search bar. This will bring up groups related to that topic.

Make sure the online groups you join have your target market in them.

Find joint venture partners who are willing to share your lead magnet with your online network.

Find blogs that have your target market and ask the owner if you can make a guest post with a link to their site.

· If you own an online group, present them a webinar with valuable content and a call to action for a strategy session or product sales page.

· Be a guest on someone’s podcast or radio show.

Your forums of love and knowledge

A great place to find potential customers online is forums. If you are a member of a forum of classes that you are taking or have taken, these can be gold mines for potential clients because they may already know you. People on forums often have like-minded or common interests. Those are people you can connect with and see if they need your help. Make yourself visible by asking and answering questions and sharing your knowledge.

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