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What does mercury retrograde mean to you?

Between May 29, 2021 and June 22, 2021 Mercury will be retrograde and this can wreak havoc on our lives. This is because the planet goes into reverse and has a sort of stop-start approach to earth. It is not only planet earth that is affected by this, but more particularly those with Aries, Libra, Gemini, Virgo in their birth signs.

This means you’ll need to stay on top of things and make sure your computer is in good shape. If you’re sending texts and emails, double check them and make sure they’re going to the right people. Now you are aware of this situation and you can do everything you can to protect yourself and your things from the influence of Mercury retrograde.

Your thoughts could also be affected by Mercury, which is the planet of communication and travel. He must think of some of the technical problems that could wreak havoc during this period. It may not be the best time to make important decisions or financial commitments. It is a time to be more attentive and careful due to the influence of Mercury retrograde.

If you’re thinking of traveling, make sure you have good insurance, as things could go wrong. We still have the influence of Covid and now Mercury retrograde so it is wise to be cautious. Where Mercury is usually about effective communication, this can easily be broken. It means that letters can go astray and documents can be lost and even writers can get blocked.

Many planets go into retrograde, although Mercury is best known for the influence it has on our lives. However, you can prepare and turn things around and remember that it is not the situation, but how you respond to the situation that makes the difference.

You may find it helpful to do some psychic protection work during Mercury retrograde as this can be effective. There are various methods of psychic protection and the way I work is through meditation and visualization. I enter a meditative state of mind where I am totally relaxed and my mind is clear. I then create an egg around my body from my toes to the top of my head.

I then place angels around the egg protecting various aspects of my life. In particular, with Mercury Retrograde I will use Archangel Raphael, who is the angel of travel. I would also use the Archangel Michael, who is the most powerful protector and the closest to God. These angels will filter whatever comes into my space and if it’s not good energy, the angels won’t let them in.

You can also wear a black vest which is a color that protects the energy around you, this can be difficult in hot weather. In a sense, your intuition will guide you to what to do, but be careful with cars, moving house, keys, meeting new people. You must open your conscience and take care of and use this period in your favor. You can clear up the chaos in your life as you prepare for the influence of Mercury retrograde.

Try to be creative in your thinking and sometimes these things are the catalyst for something new to be introduced into your life. You may have never thought of meditation or psychic protection, and yet this can be used for all kinds of protection, not just psychic energy. You might catch up on things that you would otherwise put off and find that you have a very productive time.

Keep your cheerful side up, be optimistic and determined, and you’ll get through this phase without too many interruptions. If you see it as a challenge and take charge of your life, chances are you’ll make it through this period without too many glitches. By taking action, you will be able to move forward with your life with more confidence.

During this Mercury Retrograde, many Geminis will experience important changes in their lives and will have to be very flexible to face those changes. It will be a time when Geminis will need to adjust to something new in their lives. This is good news, I suspect that it could mean progress if they answer in the right way.

Aries will experience difficulties with the communication for which they are generally famous and people trust them for their effectiveness.

Libras are all about balance and harmony and you may feel out of place or in balance for a while. They may find that meditation and visualization of balance can help them get back on track.

Virgo’s life can be disrupted by delays, miscommunications, and past issues that still need to be worked on. They might confuse dates when it comes to dating and wait longer for things.

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