What can a chiropractor do to relieve shoulder pain?

About a month ago, a 34-year-old patient named Deanna asked me what I, a chiropractor, could do to ease her shoulder pain. Throughout my 35 years in the practice of chiropractic, I have been able to help many people relieve shoulder pain. This article will discuss shoulder pain and how chiropractic care can relieve shoulder pain.

Deanna’s shoulder pain had started about a month before she came to my office. He felt that his discomfort was an accumulation of daily circumstances. She had been working at home for about six months due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. She said the ergonomics of her makeshift office were not the best. Certainly not as good as the one above in your office. Also, she had a two- and four-year-old boy at home whom she had to take care of. When she worked in the office, she sent her children to daycare. But since she was working at home, she felt that she could reduce her daycare expenses by taking care of the children herself. She noted that this arrangement caused her to pick up and carry the two-year-old more often, as well as clean up after the children. Clearly, the suboptimal home desk / computer station and the physical activities of caring for the two children were the cause of her shoulder pain.

Before Deanna came to my office, she had gone to her primary care physician, who had given her an oral steroid, called prednisone, to take for a couple of weeks. Prednisone is a powerful steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that reduces swelling. Unfortunately, Deanna didn’t alleviate the pain in her shoulder at all. His PCP said the next step was to see an orthopedic specialist for a possible steroid injection in the shoulder.

Deanna did some research on the internet and decided to further investigate the possible help of chiropractic services. Since I had never been to a chiropractor before, I told him that we would go through a procedure to determine what was causing his shoulder pain. I let her know that if I could help her, I would tell her and if I couldn’t, I would tell her too.

We proceeded to discuss your complaint further. We found that her shoulder pain was significant, but she also had mild neck and upper back discomfort. This is important because, many times, there is an association between neck pain and shoulder pain.

When I examined her, I noticed the movement of her shoulder, which was somewhat diminished. I also felt the muscles in my neck and upper shoulder that were in significant spasm.

X-rays were taken of his neck and shoulder. The shoulder x-rays were fine, but the x-rays of his neck showed misalignment and indicated that he had pinched nerves.

I told Deanna that she had two problems: the first was a slightly frozen shoulder and the second was a nervous irritation coming from her neck. We proceeded to work to achieve proper alignment and movement of the bones in your neck, which are called vertebrae. We also did gentle mobilization of the shoulder joint and used physical therapy to reduce inflammation and swelling of the shoulder. I saw her a few times a week for four weeks of gentle and safe chiropractic therapy. At the end of that time, Deanna had complete relief from her shoulder and neck pain and had full shoulder mobility. I told her that it would be necessary for her to improve her job at home and to get help with the care of her young children so that the problem would not recur.

This case shows the importance of looking at the patient as a whole person and not just where the source of pain is. Chiropractors are trained to observe and evaluate the entire patient and not specialize with an approach that would be too narrow. When a person seeks relief for shoulder pain, seeing a chiropractor is a must!

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