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What are the best protein bars?

Many people ask us what are the best protein bars on the market. Protein bars come in various sizes, brands, and flavors, and of course the nutritional content varies between manufacturers. The best protein bars offer a great tasting bar, low in saturated fat and sugar, and high in protein from a whey source. The most popular brands in Australia are Max’s, Musashi, Body Science and Aussie Bodies, all of which are aimed at both men and women.

In the past, many supplement companies used to make snacks and protein bars with ingredients that were unhealthy for consumers. Although they are marketed as a healthy alternative to chocolate bars, they often contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat, and just a little extra protein. Many of these bars also had an extremely chalky taste, possibly due to a problem with the protein not mixing properly before the bars were produced.

Today, however, supplement manufacturers are much better at making snacks. Using fibers like polydextrose and malitol means great tasting bars can be produced with minimal added waste. From over 20g of fat in bars just a few years ago, a good protein bar will have around 5g of fat, which is quite acceptable (and necessary for texture and flavor). Protein sources are also of a much higher quality now, and milk and whey proteins often make up the bulk content of bars for a better absorbing protein source.

Here are our picks for the best protein bars on the market:

Max Hydroxyphase Cut Carb Bars – A delicious low carb bar with 20g of protein and just 8g of sugar.

Musashi Bulk Mass Gain Bar – 27g of protein, which is one of the highest on the market.

Body Science Hydroxyburn Lo Carb Bars: High in protein and low in carbohydrates. Cherry flavor tastes like ripe cherry!

Aussie Bodies Protein FX Super – These are basically a complete meal replacement within a bar. Great taste too!

You can’t go wrong with any of these bars, but be sure to select your protein bar based on your needs. If you are dieting, it is best to look for a high protein low carb bar, while if you are on a bulk diet, opt for a bulking bar. The best protein bars and snacks are always available online and ready to add to your nutrition and supplement regimen!

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