What are the 5 types of dog breeders?

Professional breeders of show dogs

Professional show dog breeders take pride of place among the ranks of dog breeders. They breed dogs because they like what they do and take pride in keeping bloodlines, records, and caring for dogs. If you want a quality purebred dog whose lineage you would like to get to know, these are the guys to go for. Some professional dog breeders specialize in a single breed or cross such as the sheepadoodle puppy sired by an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. In any case, they make sure their dogs pass the regulatory tests and that the puppies are well cared for as a member of the family before being handed over to new owners.

Puppy mills

Dog farming is big business and there are regular commercial organizations that breed dogs in the same way that cattle are raised. Dogs are not so lucky here and they have to live in cages. Worse still, the dogs may not be well cared for or well fed. The only reason is to raise and sell as many puppies as possible to make money. One can never expect a healthy sheepadoodle puppy from such puppy mills.

Backyard dog breeders

What people do on a commercial scale, some do on a smaller scale in their own backyards. They do not offer any health certificate for the puppies that they offer for sale. The great thing about backyard breeders is that selling puppies and making money is not their motive. They usually have one or two dogs and when the female gives birth, they keep a puppy and offer the rest for sale. Most of the puppies in these homes are well loved and cared for. If one can find a sheepadoodle from such breeders, it is worth taking. However, some backyard breeders emulate puppy mills and are quite unscrupulous in the way they treat dogs, so watch out for them.

Amateur breeders

A hobby is a passion and as far as hobby dog ​​breeders are concerned, they are fully committed and know the dogs they breed and their health as well as their training. They don’t do it for money. If your beloved dog gives birth to a litter, they keep one and sell the rest. The dogs and puppies of these breeders are well cared for and healthy.

Specialist breeder

A specialized breeder has the best traits of the backyard breeder and hobbyist breeder and usually specializes in a single breed such as sheepadoodles. Buying a puppy is not easy. One has to register for the next batch to reach this world. Even then, the buyer is scrutinized well because this type of breeder wants to make sure the puppy goes to the right house. They love dogs and deal directly with families who want to have dogs. Buying puppies for them is the best thing to do.

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