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Trump’s game plan: DENY!

I will always remember, when, a few years ago, a friend of mine, who happened to be a lawyer, jokingly said, he often gives the same advice to his clients: DENY, deny, deny! If you are among those who believe that this president’s way of operating reminds you of a criminal enterprise, we must marvel at how, consistently and easily, Donald Trump proceeds to articulate these types of denials, whenever he is accused of activities / deeds. improper and / or questionable. The consistent pattern and combination of articulating its ever-changing narratives, denials, and apparent pattern, of being, free and easy, with the truth (according to political fact – ladies), it should be worrying and it should concern everyone, seeking a quality government, regardless of the personal / political agenda, etc. Given that he apparently does this, whenever he faces conflict, accusations, etc., it is probably appropriate to consider it, Trump’s game plan. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is important.

1. Distort; diversion / diversion; ramble; unpleasant / disagree: Holding any public office, even the highest, in our land, does not give anyone the right, to distort the facts, to their personal perspective, etc! When Trump does, it appears to be an effort to divert attention, away from something that concerns others, and to use a level of distraction, ramble, and change the subject. This President’s Game Plan includes, proceed, turn the tables. and being obnoxious, to anyone or anything that you disagree with, or think is opposed to your personal / political agenda, and / or. own interest!

two. Emphasis; exaggerate; gasoline: Empathy rarely seems to be part of the Trump process! He puts his emphasis, where it seems appropriate, his purpose, and often tends to exaggerate (to put it mildly). Unfortunately, this is often the gist of your game plan.

3. Needs; nuances: Shouldn’t we be able to wait and demand that our elected officials focus on our needs and the common good, rather than their own interests, etc.? Times change, life evolves and different circumstances often demand tackling the right nuances! This president often proceeds as, One trick pony, a trick, is all he seems to know!

Four. Your: Excellent governance should be all about you, and the common good, rather than the personal priorities of any elected official, should guide the action plan and strategies. While the president of the United States has traditionally appeared, to realize that he serves and represents all Americans, not just his main supporters, Trump often articulates a polarizing message, and one, that he believes , is one, he thinks, his main supporters / base want to hear, rather than what they need to know and understand.

Wake up America and say: Not, to Trump’s game plan, which often begins with, DENY! Will you become a more demanding citizen?

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