Tips for organizing life with multiple pets

A family with many furry members is truly a heavenly abode with much enjoyment every day. However, this comes with greater responsibilities, as the pet family requires a lot of care and effort to keep them all fit and in good condition, while maintaining their overall well-being. Whether you have to take care of two kittens or a pack of four dogs or an entire farm, you have to take care of every vital thing, from food, preventative medications and litter boxes to beds and toys.

Here are some tips to fully help you organize your daily activities to care for multiple pets. By following the tips, you can definitely have time to yourself in addition to having quality playtime with your furry friend.

Organize multiple beds

Having multiple pets in your home means a special place for everyone to take a nap. Get beds for each and every pet in your home. The multi-bed will discourage pets from lying down or bouncing off the couches.

Protect furniture

It is essential to cover your furniture. Small cat or dog hair is more likely to easily stick to furniture. Cover them with fleece blankets and blankets on tables, chairs, and layers to keep pet hair to a minimum. Also, when it comes to your car, it’s good to cover the seat to keep mud out in case your dog brought it from the dog park.

Keep food in air-sealed containers

Different pets mean different requirements for various types of food. To easily recognize food, it is best to label plastic containers for different types of food. Be sure to store them in a pantry or on a shelf on your kitchen counter. Keep it away from humid places and check that it is not accessible to your furry friend or your children. Make sure to keep the feeding place well organized and orderly. To avoid fights between your pets, keep a feeding schedule.

Separate feeding sites

You are wrong if you think there is no need for separate feeding places for your multiple pets. It is to avoid food hostility, as dogs and cats are quite territorial, so try to feed pets in different rooms. Some pets can do well, but if there seems to be some tension, it is best to feed them in separate locations. This helps prevent unwanted accidents.

Keep a folder for pet records

Don’t mess up your pets’ medical records. Organize health records for different pets, including vet visits, adoption papers, vaccination cards, microchip record, licenses, and pet insurance policies in different folders for multiple pets. It would be very useful in an emergency.

Provide a litter box for each cat

Cats are too inclined to cleanliness. They are too picky about clean litter boxes. Provide each of your cats a separate litter box, which they are sure to appreciate. If you want everyone to use a litter box, then it is best to provide a separate one for them.

Store the first aid kit

Always keep your pet’s first aid kit handy. With so many pets in the house, there can be accidents at times. Giving them first aid will greatly reduce vet bills. Important things to include in your pet’s first aid kit are gauze pads of various sizes; pair of scissors; first aid tape; wound disinfectant; antibiotic ointment; eye wash solution; hydrogen peroxide; cotton balls or swabs; cortisone spray or cream; thermometer.

Parasitic preventive treatments

A household with multiple pets means that there is a high probability of spreading flea, tick, or worm diseases from one animal to another. Lack of treatment for flea and tick infestation or heartworm prevention for some of them is of no use as they will gradually be infected by infected animals as well and the cycle of recurring infestation will continue. Treating all pets in the home will display parasitic infestations.

Having multiple pets means taking on various responsibilities and providing the best care. Always keep a stock of essential medicines, including preventive treatments along with the right food and nutritional supplements. This ensures great health and happiness for your large family of humans and four-legged companions.

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