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The Salt Pans of the Mar Menor, Near Murcia of the Costa Blanca Region, Spain

The coastline of the Costa Cálida within the Murcia region has many places of great beauty, history and rich and varied fauna. One of them is the Mar Menor, the largest saltwater lake in Europe, with a surface area of ​​170 km2 and a depth of no more than 7 metres, it is a unique enclave and the most important area of ​​marshes in Murcia. In this captivating Mediterranean coastal area you can see orographic formations such as salt pans, dunes, marshes, reedbeds and large virgin sandbanks. They were declared a regional nature reserve in 1985 and are some of the most important wetland areas in Europe due to a rich and varied fauna and are incredibly important for bird species of which there are many. Flamingos and other migratory birds, including owls, snails, herons, harriers and seagulls, flock here at the end of each summer using this spot as their stopover between Europe and Africa, but there are plenty of others to watch.

The Mar Menor is made up of a narrow strip of land known as La Manga. In recent years there has been massive development on this strip of land and it is now covered by high-rise apartment blocks, hotels and La Manga Club which is a famous golf and sports complex. The use of the Mar Menor dates back to history, the Phoenicians and Greeks knew about it and would no doubt have stopped while trading on this part of the coast. The Romans built settlements along the coast and were the first to understand the importance of the huge salt deposits found in this part of Spain, they started the salt mining industry that remains important to this day. The Romans called it Belich and built spas to take advantage of the healing powers of salt water. There were more settlements in the 8th – 13th centuries during the Moorish occupation of Spain and the Moors were well aware of the healing properties of salt water and founded some spas like Los Alcázares as places of relaxation and recuperation, the Moors also put in place some excellent irrigation systems that allowed the heart of the Mar Menor to become an important agricultural area. The Arabs also introduced some unique fishing methods that resulted in the successful fishing industry of the Mar Menor.

The Mar Menor is an area of ​​saltwater lakes that is both exciting to explore and relaxing so there really is something for everyone. It is famous for having a water temperature about 5º warmer than the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds it and many go swimming there throughout the year. Many others opt for the healing mud baths located in Lo Pagán, which have become famous throughout the world for their healing properties. There has been a popular development in the Mar Menor of a water sports center and it is one of the best places in Europe for windsurfing.

A trip to this beautiful country would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful resort town of the Mar Menor, located on the east coast (Costa Blanca) of Spain in the Murcia region. The landscape of the Mar Menor area is really impressive and a visit to this incredible saltwater lake and its surroundings on the Mediterranean coast with cliffs and small beaches on a sunny day or a quiet evening with the sun setting will be something you will love. always remember

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