The power of sleep

The best thing

What is the greatest thing that has happened to you? Have you read an Ezine article lately, or was it meeting your spouse, having kids, getting a new job, getting a promotion, starting a business, getting your first home, breaking free from an addiction, succeeding in sports? , art, music or more?

A big dream

There is a great dream in store for all of us! Any life related to this dream has the power to carry it out!

4 powerful things about a dream

There are 4 things I have discovered about your dream that unleashes the power to carry it out …

1. POWER is in the SIZE

Everything truly great begins with a great dream. We have all been given the ability to dream incredible dreams. This is our way of connecting with infinity and the ability to engage with the seemingly impossible.

Where our hopes seem to end, a great dream just begins! If we stop dreaming when we see the impossible, we prevent the big dream from doing the impossible for us!

2. POWER is in the FIGHT

Where there is a struggle, we can hold onto a big dream so that emotional energy is released to sustain us through life’s trials.

We constantly go through struggles; Welcome to life! However, dreams energize our soul so that battles do not contain us, struggles do not define us, and problems become our stepping stones to success.

3. POWER is in the SOURCE

Greatness is the source of your dream, so greatness is the resource of your dream! Do not doubt the power of your dream to rescue you!

If we look to ourselves for inspiration, we get limited results! As we make our way to dream greatness, we gain an unlimited supply of enthusiasm, creativity, passion, inspiration, energy, power, positivity, favor, provision, promotion, and more.

4. POWER is in the STEPS

By leaving we show that greatness exists. As we step into our dreams, we knock down the doors of limitations in our lives.

Each step has a ripple effect. By overcoming obstacles in life, we open doors for others! This is the legacy of a person who pursues a great dream!

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