The origin and meaning of iron cross jewelry

Iron cross jewelry is popular all over the world. Yet ironically, the people who wear it perpetuate the tradition and symbolism of the ancient iron cross without really knowing what it means. Large crosses are worn around the neck and can be found on bracelets and finger rings, especially in younger generations who like gothic and / or biker-themed accessories. But the audience isn’t limited to the latest, some people just like the way it looks. Read on to discover the importance of this famous cross in history.

Historical origins

Most people who wear iron cross jewelry wear it primarily for one reason, and it is generally not for its historical virtues. They were traditionally used as WWII German decoration, while some use it as a symbol of hatred towards the Nazi party in Germany.

However, the origin of the iron cross dates back hundreds of years in the era of the Teutonic knights. The Teutonic Knights displayed the original cross as a symbol of their power and authority. It was a feared and respected symbol that was recognized far and wide. It represented honor, justice and courage. However, it faded into oblivion in the minds of the general public and was revived by Hitler during WWII when he used it as a decoration for the highest acts of bravery on the battlefield.

The embrace of urban culture

While the cross was worn with pride by many Nazis, it is also worn as a mark of hatred by neo-Nazis for what the German political party stood for. Perhaps all of this has added a bit of charisma to the iron cross which has become part of a range of jewelry worn by both young and old without really knowing where it originated from.

Motorcyclists use it particularly as part of their style that is distinctively different from those around them. Hence, this style has become a fashion statement, especially the gothic theme with dark outline accents.

Cyclists especially appreciate large, properly weighted jewelry with skulls or bones stamped or embedded in it. Fleur-de-lis-themed iron cross daggers, swords, and jewelry add to the appeal of standard crosses. The symbol of the motorcycle group’s loyalty to the ideals of rebellion and power is now an art form for everyday jewelry wear.

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