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The number one reason homes don’t sell fast

Today is a difficult time to sell your home. Your real estate agent does not show your home and you do not see a contract in the near future. There are many reasons why homes don’t sell fast, but the main reason homes stay on the market is price. Without a doubt, the number one reason people can’t sell their home quickly is that the price is too high. Let’s examine the price of your house for the market you are in so that your house is the first to sell in your city.

To price your home to sell, you need to know the true market value. Everyone claims that their home is worth more than it is actually worth. The truth is that your house is worth what someone else pays you for it. Knowing this, it is important to find out how much people pay for homes comparable to yours. There are several methods to obtain good home values ​​and the list is as follows:

  • There are several websites that offer free home appraisals, and most use public records to determine the value of your home. Basically, the websites use local home sales to give you an idea of ​​the value of your home.
  • Higher a professional appraiser and you will get the true value of your home. The price of a professional appraisal is around $ 400 in most cities.
  • Have an experienced real estate agent mine comparable products for your home. This is an art and you need someone with experience to do it.

The fact is, you can’t sell your home if it isn’t priced right. Make sure you get a good estimate of your home’s value, and then price your home for a slightly lower price.

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