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The best sex position for older guys

In Best Sex Positions Series, we have endeavored to bring you new and relevant information on sexual health that is not available elsewhere. In this article we discuss the best sexual position for an older man. Our authority will be Errol Flynn.

Errol flynn

The famous phrase “in like Flynn” seemed to appear in the early 1940s when Errol was tried for the “rape of minors” of two underage girls. The girls were 18 and Errol 33.

Errol was acquitted, but human nature being what it was, his reputation was fixed thereafter.

The incident and many more details can be found in Errol’s own book, ‘My Wicked Wicked Ways’. However, a quote from Nor to Eddington (later to be one of Flynn’s wives) commenting on the trial,

“I seriously doubt it; a guy like Flynn doesn’t have to rape a girl. His problem is how to avoid being raped.”

Flynn lived to be 50 and died on his yacht while with his girlfriend.

It is from one of his many women (always much younger than him) that we find Flynn’s favorite (and best) sexual position. There is no way to prove that the information is correct, but an honest investigation into him and the lives of other sex teachers confirms some similarities that give credence to our information.

Flynn was a heavy drinker, used opium and continuously smoked (both tobacco and cannabis). Sex in these conditions, and with younger women, would also be additional proof that our information is correct.

Flynn’s position

This will be a woman in the top position, but in three variations. The first is the woman riding the man astride, where the man simply lays down and the woman rides him and she facilitates penetration herself.

The woman will support herself while resting her hands on the man’s chest, and will do the whole movement, with a thump and a grimace, and then with a forward beating motion.

At this point, the man grabs the woman from behind and pulls her toward him, chest to chest. At this point, the man begins to push and the woman will be able to kiss the man or tilt her head slightly to one side. Women tend to orgasm very quickly in this position.

Flynn’s position will then change with the woman, now sitting to the side again, but still penetrated, turning to face away from the man. The man now has a wonderful view of his penetration and the buttocks and genital area of ​​the woman.

The man makes it easier for the woman to move up and down on his penis, and then the woman, while fully penetrated, returns to her shaking motion, rubbing the clitoral area very hard against the man’s. Again, orgasm for women can come very quickly and deeply.

A note on Flynn’s position

Our hero, Errol, was reputed to have great powers of self-control (over his climax and ejaculation). The previous position would be to facilitate this control, with the exception of the middle position where the woman and the man are chest to chest.

As for this being the best position for an older man and a younger woman, we invite all potential candidates to try to agree or dispute the validity of Errol Flynn.

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