Technical sorcery does this EFT course online

In the world of conference calling, there are many options. Most of the people are used to Skype and know how to use it. So when the topic is important, this is the generally chosen medium.

Skype conference calls are great and generally work. I personally took the option of using them for my distance classes, until a large one was scheduled, and I was in Africa at the time, and the internet reduced the number of attendees from about 20 to about 4, since everyone could hear me, but he had to “listen” to them via typed instant messages. Lesson learned. So in a wonderful EFT skills training course that I did online, I was excited about the possibility of her being on Skype. I was unable to attend in person and needed to improve skills in a popular (and rightly so) form of EFT, Energy EFT by AMT. If it was me, I would have tried it in Google Hangout, but after trying similar things in Google Hangout and found that it has yet to become something easy to use at home, I marveled at how this course was developed with Skype, despite many technical challenges. Sandra Hillawi, my chosen trainer, regularly teaches these courses in a group video conference on Skype and everything is going well. I had primed my Android with a lot of mobile internet, as I was in Africa finishing a project before finally returning home to the UK, so the landline internet connection was very spotty. But we got off to a good start. Or so I thought. I logged on to my super fast Linux Ubuntu computer, logged on to Skype, logged on to the call … Only to find that Skype does not offer video conferencing calls on my operating system! So, I went to my Android … only to find out that Skype doesn’t offer it on Android either! Oh dear … Luckily my spouse, an IT specialist, was there and gave me the Windows computer that should never be touched, a great honor for the day, the computer that should only be used for development work of YOU. I happily connected to Skype, participated in the conference call, everything was fine, but … The other attendee had an old system and could not use the Skype video conference call! Oh dear again … But Sandra saved the day.

After trying some solutions, Sandra remembered that there was an old laptop that she had not thrown away. She pulled it out, loaded the latest Skype on it, and connected with each of the two attendees separately (I was glad there were only two of us, as if God / The Universe knew). Throughout the 3-day training, we had to do exercises as training assistants with each other, and Sandra simply placed the computers facing each other. She repeated words that were not very clear, so that we could both hear each other well, and the three days of training were one of the best courses I have ever taken! We did everything and something else.

I hope this has given you ideas if you take EFT courses online yourself. I know there are specialized platforms, like WizIQ, but they also don’t run on Linux and are even more complex for beginners to use than Google Hangout, so Skype is really the best option.

After this one, I took another course with Sandra Hillawi, the trainers course, and it is my pleasure to report that even with more attendees, everyone was able to access a Windows computer and the training was perfect.

When there’s a will there’s a way!

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