Teaching passionately

I attended a graduation last weekend. When the dean of the school of education confirmed the titles I thought, how many of those students who selected teaching as their career really have a passion for teaching? Do you have the right things to be a teacher?

What is passionate teaching like? Personally, I think it is a vocation. Teaching is something to which the heart and soul are dedicated. You care and admire. Teaching should be fun and colorful. Your students will love learning.

The teaching is totally full of personal relationships. Students need these relationships in order to learn. According to Jerelyn Thomas in Passionate Teaching, “Bonding with students is based on what the teacher gives more than what he asks of the students.”

Mary Powell states in Passionate Teachers Create Passionate Students, “Students equate satisfaction with learning and are more inclined to enjoy school. Enjoying school is much more than just for the student.” Teaching must come from within.

I can often look forward to next year and wish to give my class the best experience they can have. I wanted my lessons to reflect the real world, full of enthusiasm and for students to remember what and how they learned.

So what is the “correct stuff”? I suspect the right thing to do is when students walk on water for their teacher. The teacher can show a picture of a vehicle and tell them that it is an airplane and they will believe it without any doubt. (Well, at least not initially). But, you know what I mean.

I have come to equate teaching with the idea of ​​a teacher giving his spirit. I Corinthians 12:28 (NKJV), “And God appointed these in the church, first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healings, aids, administrators, types of tongues.”

I don’t know why teachers were listed third, however the undeniable fact that teachers are mentioned is significant. Teachers have an important job. We make a difference in the world. We shape the world. If a society is not educated, it will not be successful.

Passionate teaching includes making the student a part of the teacher’s life. I think the student learns that the teacher cares when the teacher invites the student into his world. The teacher shares his likes, dislikes, trails, achievements, and hobbies.

According to Jerelyn Thomas, “Students benefit greatly from seeing what their teachers are excited about. Passionate teachers get to the guts of their subject and share with their students. These teachers act as partners in learning.”

Students must learn to be fond of learning and continuous self-learning must be our goal as educators. Teachers who share their love for their subject and help students relate it to real-world applications are passionate teachers.

According to James 3: 1 (NKJV) “My brethren, do not let many of you become teachers understanding that we will receive a harsher judgment.” Being a teacher is important. It is a huge responsibility.

There are not many teachers who are truly teachers. There are many who are in front of their class every day and do not care about the students.

If you just graduated from college and meet the requirements to become a teacher, make sure you have a passion for teaching before you set foot in the classroom.

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