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Slow Windows Media Player? Learn this solution to increase your speed

Windows Media Player runs slow at times. The problems seem not to have subsided on most PCs, as no apparent cause for this problem is identified. What is observed after testing this problem on PCs all over the world is that there can be many problems that slow down Windows Media Player. Some of these are: Corrupt Windows registry and junk files, improved system effects, outdated drivers, not installed Microsoft Windows Media Player updates, and the presence of software / add-ons that stream illegal content on the web.

If you want to fix this problem on your computer, it is recommended that you follow these steps carefully:

Step 1

Repair corrupted registry on your Windows. Your computer’s registry is the component that stores information about all of your computer’s programs. If there is any corruption in the registry keys created by the player, it is likely to run slowly. You can repair the Windows registry through a good system cleaning tool.

Step 2

Clean Windows Junk – Your WMP may be slow due to excessive amount of Windows junk files found on your computer. It is always a good idea to remove this junk to improve the functionality of computer programs.

Step 3

Tweak system effects: Resource-intensive system effects also make WMP slower. You can disable these effects as follows:

Click Start> Go to Control Panel> Then Sound> And Playback tab> Double click “Speakers / Headphones” option> Enhancements tab> Check the “Disable system effects” option.

Step 4

Update your sound drivers, as outdated drivers can make Media Player work slowly. You can update the drivers as follows:

1) Open Device Manager

2) Find your sound card device

3) Remember the device name

4) Uninstall it.

5) After doing this, reboot your system and update the drivers if they don’t update automatically.

It is also worth installing the latest program updates. Similarly, uninstalling / removing spywares and other illegal streaming programs can also help you speed up WMP.

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