River Cruise VS Ocean Cruise: Which One Is Better For A Kosher Vacation?

Whether you are planning your next Hanukkah vacation or want to spend time with your family in a more meaningful way, a cruise will definitely fulfill your dream vacation.

Planning your next Jewish vacation is exciting enough, but there is nothing better than meeting our expectations with reality, right?

When it comes to a cruise, you have two options: a kosher ocean cruise or a kosher river cruise.

Let me help you. Read on to find out the difference between the two.


Ocean cruises and river cruises differ in their services and amenities. If you prefer an ocean cruise, you can adjust your expectations a bit. In terms of entertainment, the megaboats will offer a wide variety of services such as swimming pools, bars and theaters, as well as several restaurants where you can eat at your own pace and time.

On the other hand, river cruises are more limited when it comes to entertainment and amenities. Since river boats are smaller compared to mega boats, there is not enough space for theaters and even playgrounds for children. Some river cruises still offer fitness and spa services, and WiFi.

But what’s great about a kosher river cruise programs is that they often make up for their lack of amenities with sometimes more detailed guided tours and scholarly experts and lecturers on board. The fewer number of passengers makes the tours more intimate.

The view

The ocean is fine, a vast expanse of water. Expect a lot of sea travel. If you get dizzy easily, plan a bumpy ride if you don’t have the right cabin in the right place.

And if you’ve been on an ocean cruise before and decided to embark on a river boat trip, say goodbye to waves and giant port cities, and say hello to riverbanks and small towns.

River cruises can be a much more intimate affair than ocean cruises. There are many guided tours where you can visit vineyards or even go shopping at the floating markets. Most river cruises include bus tickets and other transportation fees so you don’t have to worry about that.

The crowd

Of course, let’s not forget your fellow travelers during your vacation. If you’re bad at socializing, an ocean cruise is so much better. An ocean cruise can hold up to 5,000 passengers. They can be so big that you don’t have to be too friendly with other people.

However, a riverboat can only hold 180 to 250 passengers. Sometimes you have to share a table with other passengers during meals.

If you want to meet other Jews and get to know them better, Riverboat is for you. In addition, you will also get to meet the captain and chefs often.

Cruises are ideal for people who want to enjoy a luxury trip in private. But kosher river cruises can definitely make you feel like you’re on a Jewish vacation.

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