Reverse bad habits in English bulldog puppies

Some English Bulldog puppies have bad habits, some are easier to deal with than others. And some are downright embarrassing, destructive, or annoying. There is hope! With proper training and unique techniques, you can reverse these habits and end them for good!

Accidents in the house are a popular problem among English Bulldog puppy owners. Even when they follow the proper house training steps, they still find that their puppies are shedding indoors. The solution is easy! Always keep a close eye on your puppy to make sure you know where he is and what he is doing at all times. If you see the behavior of “going away” from sniffing, going around in circles or going to find strange areas of the house to “hide”, immediately take him outside until he does his thing. If you never allow him to go to the bathroom in the house and you always watch him closely, he will never learn that going to the house is the place to go. And if you’ve already started having accidents at home, keeping a close eye on it will reduce the chance of it happening again.

Humping is a bad habit that can be extremely embarrassing for those who have English Bulldog puppies. While fucking is not necessarily a sexual reaction, it is still behavior that is not acceptable. Observe your puppy while he is around other dogs to monitor his behavior. As soon as he starts exhibiting humping behaviors, push him away or make a loud, high-pitched sound like “huh.” Your puppy will eventually learn that these behaviors are unacceptable and will stop trying.

You walk through the door at the end of a long and stressful day, arms full of groceries and paperwork. Your puppy greets you by jumping over you, pulling everything from your hands and the papers and groceries fly out. Sounds familiar? Jumping, although it is a sweet gesture to show how excited he is to see you, should not be one of those allowed. Stopping this behavior is simple. When you get home and your puppy is jumping, excited, and running, pay him no attention. Once he’s settled in and no longer acting crazy, you can lower yourself to his level to give him the attention he deserves. If you and your family members maintain this consistent behavior, your English Bulldog puppy will eventually learn that jumping gives him nothing and that calm behavior gives him what he wants: you!

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