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Recharge your liver with Feng Shui

Your liver is the feng shui master of your body. It has the same needs as its environment, and it will perform wonderfully if they are met. He likes space very much, he prefers to be cool and in a state of flux while rocking. Your liver is the control tower that directs inbound and outbound traffic through two blood lines, the hepatic artery that carries oxygen-rich blood from the heart and the hepatic portal vein. Within the parameters of our circadian rhythm, the liver expands and shrinks by 40% in each 24-hour cycle. It is one of the busiest organs that performs functions only surpassed by the brain. Ancient civilizations, from the Mesopotamians to the Greeks, have recognized the dominance of the liver, and the Elizabethans called their monarch not the head but the liver of their state.

Feng shui receives vital information from Traditional Chinese Medicine and draws on the elements to create beneficial qi. With its dexterity and many talents, the liver is in the command position of the body. Does this remind us of our much sought after corner of wealth and the many aspects of empowerment? Yes, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) correlates the liver with the wood element and adds the eyes as the visionary portals of the body. We know that the element wood is related to everything that grows in nature, and the liver is the only organ that regenerates and grows back if it is cut in half. The wood element has visionary qualities that watch over futuristic decision making and projects. Natalie Angier reports in the New York Times that “the liver has the function of a military leader who excels in strategic planning,” and since vision and foresight are needed to plan and decide, it makes sense that the eyes, our organ of vision, are connected and correlated with the liver.

You want your liver to be a workaholic, as is typical of Wood’s personality, but be careful not to overload your workload with too many toxic substances that could result in sclerosis and eventual liver failure. In fact, it would be wise to nourish your liver with supportive tips from our feng shui arsenal of wisdom:

• With the bagua in hand, review your design and look for all the sectors attributed to the wood element.

• Check the balance! Are there too few or too many shapes, colors, sounds, or scents related to wood?

• If needed, add air-cleaning plants, wind chimes, and refreshing scents like geranium or eucalyptus.

• Add a fountain where appropriate as water feeds wood.

• Check and see if the qi gently meanders through your space and remember that the flow state of your body, mind and environment is responsible for healthy circulation and immune responses at the cellular level. Connect your body / mind to your environment.

• As the master strategist of blood circulation, the liver keeps track of the body’s energy demands from moment to moment and releases nutrients that might be needed.

• Liver signals can dictate our dietary choices if we allow ourselves to tune in and listen to their subtle whispers.

• Research suggests that the liver can play a proactive and reactive role in appetite control and food choices. Therefore, it may be wise to consider the plant kingdom when selecting your next meal. Make a green smoothie or cook a green soup to fight cancer.

• Boost your immunity by wearing turquoise, a lush combination of green for wood and blue for water.

• Engage gemology with a wonderful turquoise gemstone.

• Keep in mind that the liver is your pharmaceutical manufacturer of hormones, enzymes, clotting factors, immune molecules, and blood chemistry. Perhaps you should be a willing participant in providing a healthy, toxin-free environment.

• Ultimately, call your feng shui advisor if you need more help creating space for your liver.

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