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Rare, Exclusive, Limited Edition, Pre-Sale Only Halo DLC Explained

Not only will you discover exclusive in-game content from the Halo DLC and Halo Wars DLC DLC, but also custom items for your personal Xbox 360 avatar.

The popularity of the Microsoft Xbox exclusive Halo franchise has been growing at an incredible rate and, along with it, the number of customizable items that are available for in-game and multiplayer features as well. These mods are not only for the playable main characters, but also for the type of game that is being implemented.

Some of the items have become so rare that it is almost impossible to find them. This is because they were available in very limited quantities and were only available to those who purchased a specific product within a certain period of time. In other words, if you weren’t available to take advantage of the offer within those criteria, then you’re out of luck. As time passes since the initial introduction of certain Halo DLC content, the rarer it gets and the fewer sources offering it.

For starters, there’s the coveted Halo Reach flaming helmet code that was only available if you purchased the Legendary Edition of the game. This Halo Flame Helmet is for your in-game Spartan and the effects can be seen in all cut scenes, campaign, gunfight, and multiplayer matchmaking.

Another popular armor helmet includes the Halo Reach Recon helmet. This particular code came with the limited and legendary editions of the game. It also appears in all game modes of your Spartan character.

Other popular armor permutations include the exclusive Halo Reach multi-threat armor that was only given to those who pre-ordered the game during the initial launch on GameStop or EB Games. This Halo Reach Mjolnir Armor Mark 5V class will also appear in all game modes.

For those who choose not to be Spartans, there is also the Halo Reach Elite armor code. This attractive Sangheili officer armor will only appear in multiplayer matchmaking, as there is no option in Campaign and Firefight, where the elite are part of the particular match of your choice.

Your own personal Xbox dash character also includes some great additions and the most popular item is the Halo Flaming Helmet Avatar Accessory. This could only be obtained for those who participated in the pre-order option for GameStop’s Noble Map Pack. This Mark V Halo Reach Avatar Helmet is extremely hard to find and is a great addition to your Xbox avatar character’s customizable features.

The Halo Reach Noble 6 Helmet is another item just for those who went to Comicon or Pax. Of all the Halo avatar helmets, this was the only one that couldn’t be purchased through the avatar marketplace.

2 unique avatar items are the Halo Reach Banshee accessory and the Halo Reach Falcon accessory. The Banshee was only available to those who purchased the Halo Edition wireless controller, while the Falcon was part of the Legendary Edition code card. They add a whole new dimension to your avatar as they are remotely controlled and actually fly around, rather than remain static in one position.

For Halo Wars fans, there are 2 custom paint jobs that you can get for both UNSC and Covenant vehicles. The first is a code for Halo Wars Flaming Warthog and the second is Halo Wars Honor Guard Wraith. The Warthog was delivered by GameStop to those who pre-ordered the game, while the Wraith was only included with the newest limited edition of the game. Each of these unique skins can be used in-game and multiplayer matchmaking as well.

In addition to custom paint jobs, Halo Wars also offered new map packs to enjoy games and skirmishes. These have been incorporated into the Halo Wars Historical Map Pack, which includes 4 new maps: Blood River, Barrens, Memorial Basin, and Glacial Ravine. Each map can be played in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 modes.

To make your maps even more enjoyable, they also introduced the Halo Wars Strategic Options Pack, which has 3 new ways to play your favorite game: Reinforcements, Retreat, and Tug of War. All this will allow you to implement new strategies in your favorite game modes, either alone against the AI ​​or against other players in live multiplayer matchmaking.

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