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Proform 995 SEL Treadmill Review – Don’t Buy Before You Read This

Is the Proform 995 SEL Treadmill Right For You? First things first … this particular model has been

disrupted. If you want it, you will have to buy it used or reconditioned.

This does not necessarily mean that you should not buy it, only that it will be more difficult to obtain replacement parts for it.

So is it a good buy? Here’s a review of the 4 critical features to help you figure it out.

# 1) Price

Why not start with the most important feature of all? This model sold new for around $ 700 … so you can obviously get it cheaper by buying it used.

This is a very cheap price, but do you sacrifice quality? That is what you are about to discover.

# 2) Power

It has a 1.75 “continuous duty horsepower” motor. This one is a bit bigger than the cheaper models … but still not strong enough for anything but walking.

# 3) Technology

The Proform 995 SEL treadmill comes with ‘iFit’ technology. This is a system that allows you to download “custom” exercises from the Internet directly to your treadmill.

It’s a nice feature, but honestly, it’s overrated. After all, you could accomplish the same thing just by going online and exercising yourself. You do not need to pay more for this.

# 4) cushioning

It has good cushioning, and you can adjust it from soft to hard according to your preference. This is a rare feature that is quite useful.

# 5) Size

This machine is quite heavy … but it can be folded and stored so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The verdict– Like most of the company’s machines, the Profom 995 SEL treadmill is best suited for lighter users who want a “walk-only” machine. If you weigh more or plan to run a lot, you will need a better model.

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