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Polarity Responders: Contrary to All Beliefs

We’ve all had to deal with a polarity responder at one point or another. . . someone who, regardless of the situation, has to answer against everything. ‘It is a beautiful day.’

Polarity Reply: ‘It’s definitely too hot. And I think there may be some clouds on the horizon.

They are easy to spot. And, for me, incredibly fun to deal with. I love when I find polarity responders. I relax when I listen to it because I think to myself, they are toasts. They are mine. I just give them something to respond to that suits me.

Pay attention when you are getting criteria. The polarity responder will use the word “different” or “difference”. Another way of looking at polarity responders, they are ‘difference’ oriented people, people who see the difference in everything you talk about.

Let’s say they are disruptive to you like this, you could say to a polarity responder, ‘Would you do me a favor?’ PR: ‘Yes, of course. What can I do for you? ‘

“Only if you want, you don’t have to.”

PR: ‘No. What is it? What is it? ‘

‘Okay, what I wanted to ask you is, would you listen carefully to what is happening and if you hear that I have ever said something that is not in line with what you think should be happening here? Did it immediately catch my attention?

PR: ‘Oh well, absolutely. But what you say is great. After all, he really knows what he’s doing.

‘Well I know, but I know you’re going to find something, so I just want you to bring it to my attention.’

Now this polarity responder is caught in a trap. If they catch your attention, they have done what you asked. If they don’t get your attention, then you haven’t made your polarity. So either way you win. This prevents you from entering your polarity response. They can sit back and enjoy. They are trying to listen very closely to what is going on so they can come up with a thing or two for you.

PR: ‘Well, you know, you said this and I was curious why.’

Well that’s really important. I knew there was no way you couldn’t bring that up, so I’m really glad you did. ‘

Well now, are you going to mention the following? No. Because they are going to fear that you will say: ‘I knew you were going to mention that too’ and that annoys them. They cannot stay in your polarity response, so just forget about it.

Using patterns to your advantage is the key to persuasion, and this is an easy one to counter. In this situation, my intention is to spread your pattern so that it also does not obstruct anyone else.

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