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Is BPM the beginning of the end of ERP?

In a recent article, Jack Vaughan quoted Jan Baan as saying: ‘ERP’s successor is BPM … ERP is becoming the model of complexity. It’s gotten too complicated. ‘ Baan is the CEO of Cordys and a former director of Baan Corporation, an ERP provider. BPM [business process management] it is the forefront of a major […]

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Cricket history: a glorious past

The game of cricket has always been loved by the whole country. Whenever a tournament starts, cricket enthusiasts forget their day job and become attached to their television. Most cricket lovers have a deep understanding of cricket history. The history of cricket can take you back to the 16th century era or even go back […]


8 facts about pastel painting

1. Pastels are made from the safe base like all other fine art paints, including oils and acrylics. The difference is the folder. Pastels use very little binder, so it’s almost like applying pigment direct to canvas. 2. The cakes are not whiteboard! Chalk is made of limestone. The cakes are totally different. Pastels are […]


The story behind OpenSimcity

I’ve always loved playing SimCity since I was little. I used to play the Super Nintendo version for hours. That version was really cool. It had 4 seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall) and many landscapes, settings to choose from. That was a huge success at the time. It was clearly the most popular video […]