Nintendo DS Vs Sony PSP – Which One Is Better?

There has been an ongoing debate for a few years as to which of these handhelds is better. The PSP has a larger screen that can play movies, games, music, and surf the Internet. The Nintendo DS has two smaller screens, but with touch screen capabilities that take advantage of almost all games released for the DS. Thus begins the battle of handheld computers! For the sake of this argument, I will refer to the PSP Slim and DS Lite, as they are the newest versions of each handheld.

The PSP Slim 3000 is the newest model of PSP. It features the same slim design as the PSP 2000, but adds an anti-glare screen that makes playing in sunlight a bit easier. Also included with the PSP 3000 is a built-in microphone that allows you to essentially use the PSP as a phone with the Skype software that comes installed. The 3000 also features the same capabilities as the previous two PSP models, with the ability to play movies, games, music, and surf the Internet with WiFi access.

The DS Lite, which is a slim version of the original DS, features the stylus touchscreen, along with the ability to access the Internet via WiFi. The final decision of what is best here comes down to the style of play you enjoy and how much accessibility you want while on the go. The games available for DS are geared more toward a younger generation of gamers, with games with Sonic, Mario, and Pokémon prevailing on their top-selling list. These fun games are great for fun, but most of them offer little replay value, outside of the Mario franchise.

The PSP, on the other hand, appeals to the older generation of gamers. It has titles as dark as Manhunt 2, God of War and Socom. However, the PSP is not without its share of light-hearted titles. Games like Patapon and LocoRoco have provided PSP players with hours of fun with their innovative new gameplay.

The PSP should be the choice for gamers who enjoy more mature games with a little less interaction, as well as a movie player, music player, and web browser, all in one portable system. While the DS doesn’t feature many of these extras, it does one thing right, and it’s a good lighthearted game.

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