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Negative aura colors

Negative energies show the corruption of divine energy, divine light. They are energies that we have somehow misused and created a lack of the divine energy that they once were. Each positive color has a negative. For example, a ruby ​​red indicates someone full of life, with great aspirations and passion, while a garnet red indicates someone who has misused their sexual energy, someone who operates from the lowest level of consciousness.


Gray is associated with

– Fear

– A pessimistic and fatal attitude

– Someone who is “stuck” in a current situation and cannot see the exit.

– Disease

– Concern, if someone is momentarily worried about a certain situation, the gray will show up within their aura. Gray will also be there if the person is constantly worrying.

– Charcoal gray indicates despair.

– Gray-Black indicates deep grief and loss.

Yellow mustard

– indicates that someone is lazy and does not move on with their life.

– could also indicate illness

Dark orange / Burnt orange

– indicates someone who has become selfish and proud of himself.

Dark brown

– can show someone capable of cruelty.

– the desire for power

– selfishness

– someone headed in the wrong direction

– guilt

– repression

– misery

– Dull Brown shows someone who has an insatiable desire or greed.

– Lack of ambition

– Green – Brown indicates jealousy.

Avacado Green, this is a very dark green.

– Cheated

– Greed

– indicates a person consumed by jealousy


– malice

– hate

Light Smoky Black indicates someone who is desperate, sad, or even someone with suicidal impulses.

Having a mostly black aura indicates someone capable of murder.

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