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My Top 10 – The best books I’ve ever read

How I define my top 10 will definitely differ from the others. When I try to remember the best books I’ve ever read, I have this criteria. How much did it take me to finish that book in one sitting? Whether I was able to finish it in one go or not due to other compelling reasons. Second, how much I was able to connect earlier chapters while reading later chapters. Sometimes it happens that you are at the end of the book but you cannot connect well with the story and flow. The third and most important point is how much faded from my memory over a period of time. There are so many books that are as fresh in my mind as when I read them. And there are books that you forget a week after finishing them.

This criteria of creating the top 10 books would vary from reader to reader. In fact, for me, it’s always an evolving list. That is, it is always in formation and development. So I call it a budding list. These are not in any order. But all of these 10 books are perennial favorites.

The first book that comes to mind is Fish. Even reading it during my college days, it still keeps hitting my mind and conscience from time to time. This is indeed a thin book but very valuable inside.

The second book is Meta. Both books are powerful transformers. They have the power to transform anyone’s life.

Next is The Prophet. In fact, I can read this book any number of times. Every time I read it, it gives me a different sense of life.

This book is from a very young author. The book has a strong message that comes in its purest form. That is why I have not been able to forget his story despite having read it a long time ago. I’m talking about the helpline.

My next favorite book is Slow by Digonta Bordoloi. There is a high level of depth in this book. We are right now in the middle of my list.

The sixth book I would like to mention is Sudhi Kannan. This book has a simple story. But the story has all the elements of adventure, hope, drama and action.

Living with Merlin is a story of deep pain that comes with a sweet fragrance.

The Tallion Tale is an interesting spy story with a great message.

Borderline is a book that probably everyone needs to read. It is psychological disorder.

The last book on my list is A Cupful of Aha!

That completes my top 10 list. The best books I’ve ever read. But that does not mean that these are the best sellers. In fact, I plan on writing my next Top 100 post.

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