Multiple games and multiple combinations

Mario has become a global icon for people like Mickey Mouse. However, this is no fluke because to this day Mario is always one of the top contenders for a Game of the Year award on any dedicated video game website. Over the years, unlike its competitors (Sonic, Toe Jam & Earl, and Boogerman), it was able to evolve over the years. In many ways, Mario is Nintendo that spans hundreds of games, dozens of genres, and sells over a billion copies worldwide. Interestingly, the top ten rated video games feature Mario three times, not including the originals when they are released.

That’s not Nintendo’s only celebration mascot – just like Disney, Nintendo thrives on its variety of characters. They have Link, a sword-wielding hero from “The Legend of Zelda” series, Star Fox, a brave space pilot from “Star Fox”, Samus, an alien fighter from the Metroid Prime series, Donkey Kong, a giant ape from the Donkey Kong series. , and many more. It’s crazy how many characters Nintendo owns and to this day they are still creating more. All of these characters have been in multiple games and multiple combinations that show them competing against each other. This combination occurred years before the Avengers hit theaters, proving that Nintendo is ahead of its game in more ways than one. They have been releasing new consoles in a span of about 5 years, from Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii, now finally Wii U. Each experience has been different and fresh, letting the players play the games of a whole new way.

The games were fantastic and the consoles were improvements to each other. It’s fun to describe consoles and talk about games, but the only way to understand all of this is to play a Nintendo console. Years after the launch of the first Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo is still hitting home runs to this day. They are fun to play with, families will gather around a television just to play some of their favorite pets. This is something that cannot be said for competitors. If Nintendo maintains these innovations, it will create games for the next century and beyond, when we finally introduce ourselves to fully interactive 3D worlds. Don’t be surprised if Nintendo is behind this groundbreaking technology.

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