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Miss Universe-XXI Century


LOCATION: Nicosia, Cyprus.

STORY. Representatives from 79 countries, territories and dependencies attended the Miss Universe pageant. India certainly became the most powerful country in the beauty world. Miss India, Lara Dutta, has all the qualities to be Miss Universe: intelligence, beauty, personality, charisma and determination. Finally, Ms. Dutta was the new Miss Universe. One of her lifelong dreams was to become Miss Universe. Few young ladies have had such long and varied careers as Lara Dutta.

In a career of more than seven years, she has been a professional model, ambassador and actress. Lara once said: “Winning the title of Miss Universe is the culmination of a dream.”

As Miss Universe 2000, she went to Saint Marteen, Puerto Rico, the United States, Colombia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, Venezuela, Mexico, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Ms. Dutta became known to millions as a women’s rights activist in India. Lara Dutta was one of the best known ladies of the 21st century.


LOCATION: Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

STORY. Representatives from 77 countries and agencies attended the Miss Universe. Osmel Sousa, president of the Miss Venezuela Organization, wanted to win the title of Miss Universe. People who have worked with him say that he is a perfectionist who prepares carefully for each project. He is a very reserved man, who rarely gives interviews.

At first, Venezuelan Eva Monica Ekvall Johnson was the favorite of experts and journalists. Miss Venezuela reached the final, but surprisingly, she only came in fourth place. Many people felt that the decision was unfair.

A Puerto Rican won the Miss Universe pageant again, as Margarita Moran (Miss Philippines and Miss Universe 1973) and Janelle Penny Commissiong (Miss Trinidad Tobago and Miss Universe), Miss Puerto Rico, Denisse Quiñones, was also crowned Miss Photogenic Universe. His ambition was to become a professional singer.


LOCATION: San Juan de Puerto Rico.

HISTORY San Juan de Puerto Rico hosted the contest.

The favorites were Colombia (Vanesa Alexandra Mendoza Bustos), India (Neha Dhupia), Panama (Justine Paseak), China (Zhuo Ling) and Russia (Oksana Federova). All were semifinalists except Colombia. Mrs. Mendoza became the first black woman to be named Miss Colombia. Miss Colombia will always be remembered as the first black woman to represent her country in this pageant.

For the first time since 1990, the communist bloc sent a Miss China to compete in Miss Universe. Ironically, the Miss Cuba pageant has been banned since 1960 by the Cuban dictatorship.

At first, Zhuo Ling from China was one of the most popular delegates. Finally, Miss China was the first runner-up.

Russian Oxana Federova was elected Miss Universe. However, she was forced to return the title of Miss Universe. Mrs. Federova was a controversial woman. Certainly, his popularity waned in his own country.

During the following months in New York City, Miss Panama, Justine Lissette Pasek Patiño, was crowned Miss Universe 2002. Ms. Pasek was long considered one of the smartest women in Miss Universe history. Justine Paseak from Panama was born in Kharkov, Ukraine. He had a very happy childhood there with his parents. The following years, his family moved to Panama City. Justine had several years of experience as a professional model.


LOCATION: Panama City, Panama.

HISTORY. For the second time, Panama City hosted the contest. One of the most enthusiastic fans was Panamanian President Mireya Elisa Moscoso Rodríguez. On September 1, 1999, Mireya Moscoso became the first female head of state of Panama.

The favorites were Miss Dominican Republic (Amelia Vega), Miss Japan (Miyako Miyazaki), Miss Brazil (Gislaine Rodrigues Ferreira) and Miss USA (Susie Castillo Cintrom). Ms. Castillo is of Puerto Rican descent. Miss Japan was undoubtedly one of the great beauties of the 2000s.

Under the leadership of two Venezuelans, Miss Dominican Republic became Miss Universe. Amelia Vega became the first Miss Universe from the Dominican Republic. For the first time since 1992, Miss India did not qualify for the semi-finals.

As Miss Universe 2003, she traveled to Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, Thailand, Vietnam, Guyana, the United States, India, Saint Maarten and the People’s Republic of China.


LOCATION: Quito, Ecuador.

STORY. Ecuadorian newspapers reported that the strange Ukraine (Okelsandra Nikolayenko), Venezuela (Ana Karina Añez Delgado), Australia (Jennifer Hawkins), the United States (Shandi Ren Finnessey), Paraguay (Yanina Alicia González Jorgge) and Ecuador (Susana Rivadeneira Simbal) were the most favored to win the contest.

Surprisingly, Miss Ukraine did not reach the semifinals, before going to Ecuador, Okelsandra Nikolayenko competed in Miss World 2001, where she was a semifinalist. Venezuelan Ana Añez admired Mahatma Gandhi. “Mahatma Gandhi has been a great influence in my life thanks to his political and religious influence that he gave to the world,” he said.

For the first time since 1982, Miss Venezuela did not qualify for the semifinals. It was a sadness for the Venezuelan Osmel Sousa. He once said: “If Venezuela does not reach the final, it will give me a heart attack!”

Miss Australia was elected Miss Universe. She became the second Miss Universe of Australia. The next day her photo was seen around the world and from that moment the name of Jennifer Hawkins was known everywhere. Mrs. Hawkins is perhaps the most beautiful woman in Miss Australia history.

The judges were Petra Nemcova (Czech model), Monique Menniken (German model), Elsa Benitez (Mexican supermodel), Bo Derek (American actress), Bill Rancic (American businessman), Anne Martin (Vice President of Global Cosmetics and Marketing at Proctor & Gamble Cosmetics), Emilio Estefan (music producer), Jon Tutolo (president of Trump Model Management) and Jefferson Pérez (1996 Ecuadorian Olympic gold medalist).


LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand.

STORY. Among the most popular delegates of the contest were the Canadian Natalie Glebova, the Republican Renata de Jesus Soñe Savery, the Mexican Laura Elizondo Erhard, the Venezuelan Monica Spear, the Indian Amrita Thapar, the South African Claudia Henkel and the Swiss Fiona Hefti.

Natalie Glebova, a naturalized Canadian citizen who was born in Russia and came to Canada, was elected Miss Canada and Miss Universe 2005, her beauty was loved by millions of people. World.

The judges were Carson Kressley (American designer), Cassie Lewis (American model), Bryan Dattil (American actor), Jean Georges Vongerichten (French chef), Okelsandra Nikolayenko (actress and former Miss Ukraine), Porntip “Bui” Nakhirunkanok (former Miss Thailand and Miss Universe 1988), Mario Cimarro (Mexican actor), Anne Martin (Vice President of Global Cosmetics and Marketing for Proctor & Gamble Cosmetics) Kevin S. Bright (American TV Executive Producer), Heidi Albertsen (Danish model) and Khun Rom Pakdi (Thai actor).

As Miss Universe 2005, she traveled to Greece, Canada, India, the United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Ecuador and Brazil.


LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (USA).

STORY. At first, the Japanese Kurara Chibana was the favorite. Like Miss Japan 2003, Miyako Miyazaki, was a beautiful exotic girl from Okinawa, the birthplace of karate. Certainly, Miss Japan had several admirers. However, Miss Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera, made history by becoming the fifth Puerto Rican winner of the pageant. During Miss Universe, Miss Puerto Rico was bilingual in English and Spanish.

Miss Universe 2006 was dominated by Latin America: Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Trinidad-Tobago.

The judges were Amelia Vega (former Miss Dominican Republic and Miss Universe), Marc Cherry (American writer), Claudia Jordan (Miss Rhode Island 1997), Tom Green (Canadian socks comic), Emmitt Smith (former American football player), James Lesure (American actress), Maria Celeste Arrras (Puerto Rican journalist), Patrick McMullan (American designer), Santino Rice (American fashion designer), Bridgette Wilson-Sampras (actress and former Miss Teen USA) and Sean Yazbeck (British actor) .

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