Metal Roofing Companies – leading roofing manufacturers in Britain

Metal Roofing Companies

Barrie is one of the leading roofing manufacturers in Britain. The firm has a long history in providing a high quality selection of products for a wide range of customers, including government and public sector agencies. The company boasts thousands of square feet of factory space in Leicestershire, which it uses to manufacture metal roofs. The company has four major manufacturing sites, located between Newcastle upon Tyne and Whiteman, Greater Manchester to the north.

Metal roofing Barrie

The most popular type of metal roofing is aluminium. This is because it is light weight, durable, strong, and available in a variety of colours. The roofing can also be used on buildings and homes, both on private homes and on commercial establishments. It is also very flexible in design, being designed to match any type of building. The only real limitation is that the weight of the metal must be well thought out to avoid structural weakness.

As metal is extremely dense, it is very costly when compared to other traditional roofing materials. For this reason, it is often used on very large buildings. When it is time to replace or repair an existing aluminium roof, many companies opt for Barrie’s products.

Metal Roofing Companies – leading roofing manufacturers in Britain

Barrie also manufactures metal girders, particularly those that are used in commercial buildings. These are often very large, such as commercial roofs. They are made with special attention to detail, to ensure that they are both strong and durable. These are often the best choice for a company looking to replace or repair damaged sections of aluminium roofing.

A lot of the time, a metal roofing installation is not necessary. There may be other solutions, such as a spiral or ‘treadmill’ system, that can also provide the same results as a conventional installation. Barrie is also able to produce prefabricated panels. These are easier to put together, as well as being lighter weight. Prefabricated panels are also more affordable than the more complex designs that take longer to create.

Barriere is also able to offer various finishing techniques, including painting, silvering, flaring and staining. All of these options are customizable to your company specifications. For instance, you can specify which colours will be used, as well as how much silvering should occur. This works great for making outdoor structures and decorations, as well as making the property look more homely. If you are considering a new roof, or are looking to change the current one, it is smart to contact Barrie.

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