Mercedes seeks to attract new young buyers with A-Class

Mercedes-Benz looks to start 2012 with a bang. They have decided to broaden their horizons and look all together towards a new target market. In doing so, Mercedes will unveil its new A-Class concept. At first glance, the consumer will react with how radical the changes are. Unlike any other Mercedes class currently on the market, the new design is absolutely unique in comparison.

The exterior of the A-Class will be comprised of a more pronounced nose section, a lower roof line and a host of elegant details. This radical look combined with a new interior styling and mechanical design hopes to catch the eye of the young urban professional market of 30-something singles with a small family.

The image of Mercedes is embedded in the minds of consumers, so this makeover will not be easy. The hope that this introduction of the Class A will serve as an initial step to meet the changing needs of consumers. Never before has Mercedes targeted young professionals, as these people would normally have to wait until they achieve some financial stability before they can buy a Mercedes. The new A-Class will certainly change that perception.

This new A-Class concept offers the consumer a new era of compact class at Mercedes-Benz. This front-wheel drive model is powered by a four-cylinder gasoline engine from the new M270 series. It was designed for transverse installation and thanks to direct injection and turbocharging, it offers high performance along with minimal emissions and fuel consumption. The Concept A-Class is equipped with the two-liter variant of the new engine, which develops 210 hp. This blue efficiency engine is mated to Mercedes-Benz’s new dual-clutch transmission.

Included in this major design change, the A-Class has also embraced the heavily sculpted surface treatment and other elements seen in a lot of recent Mercedes concepts, including last year’s well-received F800 styling.

These important new features include a soft nose treatment with an oval-shaped grille like that of the top-end SLS AMG. The look is completed by an oversized version of the Mercedes three-pointed star, distinctively shaped headlamps with complex LED internal graphics, deep lines running down the flanks, a high waist, shallow side windows, horizontal taillights and a door. rear angled.

In addition to its striking new look and stylish interior, the A-Class is packed with new technology. Mercedes will be the first in the compact series to deactivate a radar-based collision avoidance system and adaptive braking technology. This system will audibly and visually warn drivers of potential collisions while preparing the brakes for a sudden stop.

Mercedes plans to base up to five models on its new MFA platform. Three- and five-door hatchbacks are included as shown by the Concept A; a multi-purpose five-door vehicle to replace the current B-class; a four-door sedan to rival the Volkswagen Jetta and ready to replace the discontinued CLC, and a five-door station wagon.

Inspired by its new A-Class concept, Mercedes-Benz seeks to go head-to-head with Audi’s A3 as the first car for the young urban professional. Without a doubt, the A-Class will change the perception of Mercedes-Benz and will conquer the automobile market.

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