Mega World Internet Summit Singapore 2007

The World Internet Mega Summit, the LARGEST internet marketing seminar in the world, has just ended after 4 days of intensive content, entertainment, marketing and presentations on May 26-29, 2007.

Created by Brett McFall and Tom Hua, who are highly successful internet marketers, and hosted by Success Resources of Singapore, the summit was the world’s most amazing lineup of speakers:

* Stephen Pierce

* Mike Filsaime

* Ewen Chia

* Armand Morin

* John Childers

At the event there are also two distinctive authority figures in their own right:

* Jay Abraham – Known as the $ 6 billion man, a marketing wizard has consulted hundreds of (non-commercial) industries. His opening speech and closing Q&A session was absolutely amazing and mind blowing! At one point, Brett McFall has to ask him, “What kind of brain do you have?” He even had to limit his responses by saying, “Can you give us short 20-word answers to our questions?” when Jay rumbled over and over, giving gem after gem, to every question Brett asked on behalf of the audience.

* Mark Joyner, known as the “Godfather of Internet Marketing,” gave an inspiring presentation that was totally different from the other speakers. He spoke of becoming ‘agents of freedom’ and multiplying them to help the world become a better place for all. The audience was lucky enough to have this man speak at a seminar in 5 years!

I collected a lot of new knowledge, information and gems in this 4 day seminar and will apply it to my existing Internet MLM and Internet marketing and coaching businesses. In fact, I’ll put some of these gems together and compile them into a Special Report that you can receive (in the next few days) along with other internet marketing updates by sending a blank email to: wims2007specialreport (at) internetmlmsecret (dot) com. [You need to replace (at) with ‘@’ and (dot) with ‘.’]

As this is what I also call a ‘launch seminar’, each speaker has a backend coaching program and / or products to offer, in addition to the content they deliver during their allotted time of approximately two hours. In fact, I must admit that some of the offers are so attractive and tempting!

However, as I knew from first-hand experience, it would be very difficult for many total internet marketing beginners (or newbies) to follow. Personally, I have been through quite a number of these courses.

In my opinion, it would be much better for them to build a solid and solid foundation of basic computer skills and the Internet in general to enjoy the maximum benefits of these advanced courses.

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