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“Mary Poppins”, a magical British musical that travels the United States

Those who loved the movie “Mary Poppins” will be even more in love with the sumptuous musical that will hit many of this country’s leading theaters after a nearly two-month stay at Washington’s elegant Kennedy Center Opera House. Between August 2010 and August 2011, the North American tour will take place in fifteen cities, including Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Omaha, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and Portland, celebrating its second anniversary on the road in March 2011. Caroline Sheen, the original UK tour company star, covers her role as Mary Poppins, while Bert is played by original London and Broadway star Gavin Lee.

Despite the initial appeal of the main stars, no great musical can succeed without the supreme effort of the entire cast. Versatile American performer Elizabeth Earley represents the artists gathered from both sides of the pond to be part of this spectacular theatrical experience produced by Disney and Cameron Mackintosh.

After auditioning in January 2010 to replace a Swing, Earley was immediately transferred to
California to join the ongoing tour and hasn’t stopped since. As a swing, she is part of the ensemble with multiple duties. Your task is to cover nine women in the set, learn their parts, and intervene at any time. He has already played eight of the roles.

One night she played two different roles and had to go back and forth between them guided by the Captain of the Dance, a key actor in all the important musicals. The Captain of the Dance is in command of everything that happens, making sure the choreography is maintained and keeping the look of the show as originally planned. When someone has to be out for any reason, the Dance Captain not only has to perform his designated role and know all the choreography, but also see that the missing members are replaced.

Earley’s vast experience in all aspects of acting is typical of those who eventually land leading roles on Broadway. She began taking dance classes as a child in her hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania, where she also studied Italian music and opera with singing teacher Cal Brackin until she entered New York University’s Tisch School of Dramatic Art. There he spent the first two years specializing in musical theater, the third in experimental studies, and the fourth in classical studies, including Shakespeare. One of her favorite dance experiences along the way was attending Washington Ballet school.

Like all aspiring performers, Earley set out from the start to be as comprehensive as possible to increase her employability. For the past ten years, she has performed, choreographed, directed cabarets, and served as Captain of the Dance in various summer theaters. In 2004, she was a lead singer, dancer, and manager of Dutch and American cruises sailing to the Athens Summer Olympics.

As an actress, she has graduated from walk-ons to key roles like Luisa in “The Fantasticks” and Tiger Lily in “Peter Pan.” She had solo performances in the Las Vegas and Baltimore productions of “Beauty and the Beast” and was the Dance Captain of “The Music Man” and the Andrew Lloyd Webber US premiere of “Whistle Down the Wind.” After performing on the “Ragtime” North American tour, she received rave reviews as Cassie in “A Chorus Line,” a role that earned her a Best Actress of the Season nomination for a 2010 Salt Award (Syracuse Area Live Theater). She loves that role and would be delighted to repeat it in the future.

When not performing, Earley teaches Irish ballet, point, jazz, tap, ballroom dance and step dance and currently has the pleasure of seeing one of his students in the cast of “Billy Elliot” on Broadway. He even spends his free time on the road instructing the cast members. Like her mother, a teacher, she loves working with others, especially children, and passing her knowledge on to them.

“‘Mary Poppins’ is a perfect show for children and for all ages,” he says. “After the show, I often stand in the audience and see the faces of the parents who were probably dragged there. They are all smiles. At this time in history where there is a growing emphasis on family, this show is especially relevant and offers a spiritual transformation. “

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