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Male Ejaculation: Everything You Need To Know About Reducing The Volume Of Perceived Ejaculation

Instead of the lush fire hose of his youth, a man may find himself moving into a stream of water when it comes to his love. What was once a thunderous tremor through the body upon orgasm is now a meek and gentle jerk without much fanfare or fireworks. When that happens, a man may have a weak erection or a reduction in perceived ejaculation volume. Male ejaculation is a simple but complicated process that can age over time. If a man believes that he may be experiencing weak ejaculation or a reduction in the volume of perceived ejaculation, then he should read on.

Perceived Ejaculation Volume Reduction (PEVR)

PEVR, or weak ejaculation, is probably an effect of aging. Just as other parts of the body weaken and change, so does the reproductive center of man. Men may experience less force and less fluid when they orgasm as they age. However, this is completely subjective since it is the man himself who notices the change.

This perceived reduction in volume during ejaculation means that a man believes he is releasing less semen than before. PEVR is quite common in men. There are several things that can cause PEVR, such as:

– Cancer treatment (especially related to the prostate)

– Problems with the production of male hormones

– Medicines used for an enlarged prostate, depression and high blood pressure.

– Diabetes

– Testicular problems that lead to reduced or no production of male hormones

The basics of male ejaculation

Ejaculation releases semen from a man’s body through his penis. The process occurs in two stages:

1) Emission: semen accumulates in the urethral bulb at the base of the penis.

2) Expulsion: the muscles of the urethra contract to expel semen from the penis.

Weak ejaculation is primarily subjective, meaning that only the person who ejaculates notices it. The intensity of orgasm varies from man to man. While ejaculation may seem less strong to a man, it may not be a big problem if it doesn’t affect your sexual satisfaction. For some men, a weak orgasm doesn’t feel as good as a strong one.

Treat the weak run

There are several ways to treat weak ejaculation. Treatment will depend on what is believed to have caused the PEVR. There are some medications that can help a weak erection. If it is related to diabetes, then a man should try to control his diabetes before trying other methods. Men can also try Kegel exercises to help control ejaculation and give it more strength.

If a man is looking to increase his sperm production, there are several things he can do, including:

– Exercise moderately and regularly. However, try not to hit it too hard, because that can have the opposite effect.

– Get seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

– Look at the scale: obesity can reduce not only the quantity but also the quality of sperm.

– Stop smoking.

– Add more antioxidants to the diet, including selenium, lycopene, and vitamins C and E.

– Say no to trans fats.

A visit to a trusted doctor is the first step for men with weak ejaculation. The doctor will give the man the appropriate steps for treatment.

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